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recently steam announced that they will official support the ps4 controller on pc. So soon you can just use steam to play with the ds4
1508 days ago
That is what custom zombies is for!!!
I think it should be more like phd and explode the first zombie you come in contact with.
BTW cold banana says it should be called colada banana
1647 days ago
Crashes everytime I change the texture settings!
1666 days ago
It always confuses me when I see this statement too, as far as I'm concerned the engine is (Now) about as up to date as any other game engine being used in the industry

The engine is so shit they can't even add a proper driving sequence in the game (look at bo2, aw and other cods they all had driving the campaign but it was ridiculous), or destructible environments, or anything more than the base first person shooting for that matter and even that is not refined enough as I mentioned before.
1672 days ago
They need to improve the engine and core mechanics of the game to make it a much better game rather than making a fairy tale for you guys to enjoy.
I mean the game mechanics are so old they have not been changed in years it's the same ancient quake engine.
They could add destructible environments that are effect by bullets as well as explosions,
Use photogrammetry to make maps and improve sounds like how they did with battlefront,
Improve core gun mechanics like in escape from tarkov,
Improve explosions to have pressure waves, shockwaves, debris, smoke, fragmentation that all effect the player not just look good,
Improve animations in randomness, quality, frequency etc to make it feel much more seemless and immersive,
Add true projectile trajectory and motion for bullets so the feel like bullets, not just a hit detector (I think medal of honor did this quite well),
add 3D sounds,

This is just the tip of the ice burg when it comes to improving game mechanics to bring a game into the future (irony intended) for a true next gen experience! A true feeling of immersion.
We don't need unicorns and fairies which is where its headed!
1672 days ago
Congrats on this amazing map! I found a few things

When I spawned as dempsey when I looked to a certain direction the textures would stretch all over the place and I could not see anything

Map crashes when screen shoting using F12

The vortex gun fire sound is very quite, increase the sound effect volume.

I am have a great time with this map, keep up the good work and bug fixing
1672 days ago
That is partially true but, we haven't yet exhausted all the good things we could do with world war II for example. You could go to other times like black ops 1 did. And with the modern shooter you have infinite possibilities as you are not tied to history.
1672 days ago
can someone please explain were this crap is? i keep seeing peoepl say it all over the place, but not giving specific to what is crap, i personally feel that its just because ghosts was bad yall are hating on this one two, and really you guys have been wanting cod 4 remastered for forever now, and now that they do it all you do is complain? WERE IS THE LOGIC?!?!?!?!

It's crap because it is not call of duty, It is some sci-fi space robots game with exo suits. call of duty is supposed to be a real military game with actual licensed guns not this made up crap! We have halo and titanfall for scifi shooters which are much better.

The same cannot be said for the COD 4 remaster on the other hand, that looks good
1672 days ago
Boycott the legacy edition because it is outrageous that they are trying to get sales for this piece of crap through the masterpiece COD 4 which they didn't even work on in the first place (as they are not the original Infinity Ward team) and even now Ravensoft is doing the remaster.

If you buy this you're just giving them more money to make crap like this. Better to just wait for a separate release for COD 4 or a huge price drop!

All the likes on the trailer are for COD 4 RM
1672 days ago
I have finally found the solution to this problem!
Steps to get Error: the game session is no longer available Fixed
This method is called Port Forwarding and it is used to open a port so that your router firewall does not block world at war

  • Find your IP address, then copy and paste it into your internet browser URL
  • A page with your Internet service provider will come up and will ask for username and password which can be found on the bottom of your router
  • Once you logged in, go to advanced then security then port forwarding and add a new port. (this bit will vary for everyone depending on your provider but its the same sort of thing though)
  • Name it anything like COD5-1 - Type should be TCP & UDP - Start and finish port should be 3074
  • Save it then Make another new port Name: COD5-2 - Type: TCP & UDP - Start and Finish port: 28960 (If it asks for an IP put the IP your gaming pc is using)
  • Save It and you should be done!!!

Videos that might help if you are still confused

Go on world at war and enjoy!
I thought I would write the solution to help someone cause the thread on ZM from years ago still has not got a proper solution! No need for lan fix or that add spamming bullsh*t tunngle
Hope this Helps!!!
Just in time for ORIBIT :D
1672 days ago
I hope you are on track for releasing this tonight!
Cant wait! :rainbow:
1673 days ago
Thank for the reply, I turned off my firewall and told my friend to turn off the firewall and I try to join his game but still the same error  :(

Error: the game session is no longer available

This starting to get annoying Help!?!? please

1693 days ago
Every Time I host a game my friend gets this error:

Error: the game session is no longer available

And vice versa

I host the game by going on Host Online Then
I change the session to nazi zombies
I rename the game
I leave the other options default and I press ok
I then invite my friend and he get the aforementioned error and vice versa.

We both use the disc version of [email protected]

All help is appreciated Thank You
1696 days ago
why was Celtic Ruins cancelled by the way?
1735 days ago
Woooooo! finally! After a while a custom zombie map that is epic
1774 days ago


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