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Every Time I host a game my friend gets this error:

Error: the game session is no longer available

And vice versa

I host the game by going on Host Online Then
I change the session to nazi zombies
I rename the game
I leave the other options default and I press ok
I then invite my friend and he get the aforementioned error and vice versa.

We both use the disc version of [email protected]

All help is appreciated Thank You
1634 days ago
Sorry for the late post but if any one wants free beta keys to play for a day here the are:

Rainbow six siege beta keys pc


Redeem them on Uplay
1824 days ago
I was looking at videos of the upcoming star wars battlefront game from EA and I came across this:


I truly was mind blown when I saw this mod made in 2009 for cod 4!
Immediately I wanted to play but unfortunately there was no one on the servers  :'(. I posted this mod on here to get some players on the servers and revive this forgotten beast of a mod.
This mod can also be an inspiration for zombie maps today.

Here is the server list for people who want to play share it with everyone you can so we can play this instead of AW lol (this is way better imo) .
You can log into the servers even if there is no players in it to test out the mod.
This mod is a very high level of amazingness even for today's standards, I highly recommend giving it a try
2086 days ago


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