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Messages - Doodles_Inc

The problem I have is, when I use the fast_restart command in my map some FX stop playing, this also happens sometimes inside Radiant after I open the map or after a light compile, does anyone know how to fix it?
Before fast_restart

After fast_restart

A interesting observation is that when I use map_restart the FX play normally.
6 years ago
So I compiled and linked my map many times, and then I get this error (I only get it when Link is checked):
Code Snippet
Linking "zm_cavechallenge" (usermaps\zm_cavechallenge stable 2951413 v593): 
done: 0m14.31s

  Could not create A:\Arquivos de Programas\Steam\steamapps\common\Call of Duty Black Ops III\/usermaps\zm_cavechallenge/zone_source/all/assetinfo/zm_cavechallenge.csv.

Linker will now terminate.

Linker summary:

There were no errors or warnings.

IDK what's causing it or what it is really, if someone can help I appreciate it.
Last well compiled .csv:
6 years ago
How can I change the player models for a zombies map?
6 years ago
Ok, so inside Radiant I have a clip_water wich makes player swim when inside it, the problem is, the navmesh is generating on top of it instead of generating underwater, what can I do to fix this?
6 years ago
So my idea is to have a perk stuck somewhere in my map and when I shoot it, it falls down for instance, the problem is, the perks prefabs are composed of script_structs and lights, wich IDK how to move, I have tried this:
Code Snippet
function staminup() {
trigger = GetEnt("stamintrig", "targetname");
trigger waittill("trigger", player);
trigger Delete();
staminuperk = GetEntArray("stamin", "targetname");
foreach (stamin in staminuperk) {
stamin MoveZ(-235, 1);
staminuperkstructs = struct::get_array("stamin", "targetname");
foreach (stamin in staminuperkstructs) {
stamin MoveZ(-235, 1);
IPrintLnBold("Staminup moved");
None of the print statements in the foreach loops execute, neither does the perk move, any ideas?
6 years ago
6 years ago
im now getting this error :(

ERROR: MAX_MAP_TRIANGLES (3072000) exceeded
The error is pretty straight forward, you have too much triangles in your map, the maximum I would recommend would be something around 2000000 tris for a good computer in a modern engine(certainly not Radiant), try optimizing your map, remove high poly models, reduce patch detail, caulk useless brush faces.
Lol but getting this error really means you did something very bad.
Inside Radiant there is a debug view named Try Densit, use it to keep track of wich place have too many polygons.
6 years ago
Be more specific lol
6 years ago
Yo when you say AAts you say the PaP ones? If it's that you copy username.gsc to your map, add it your zone file and inside the file you change the var level.zombiemode_reusing_pack_a_punch = false; IDK if that's what you want but it SHOULD work.
6 years ago
Yes it is lol.
6 years ago
Show us what you've done, no one will have any idea what you're talking about if you don't show then the codes.
6 years ago
Thanks for the clear explanation  :D
6 years ago
Another nooby question, I noticed people use thread to call functions, is it needed? What does it do really?
What's the difference between
Code Snippet
Code Snippet
thread function(argument)
6 years ago
Lol stop fighting we are a community.

Just a cool thing that I discovered, it is actually possible to get a array of strucs, you just need to use the struct namespace, like this:
Code Snippet
#using scripts\codescripts\struct;
structs = struct::get_array("something", "targetname");
Could've used it for my script.
6 years ago
He doesn’t know what he’s doing...

This is bo3 not waw - there is only one spawner and the structs / spawners wouldn’t necessarily be touching the zone volume anyway - PLUS a zone can be multiple volumes your only checking one...

Check zm_zonemgr.gsc - there’s “actual code” to disable riser points... struct.is_enabled or something if I recall
Ok thans I will search on that and try something.

Double Post Merge: July 09, 2018, 11:31:32 pm
Ok, so I didn't find that specific function BUT I found a function named enable_zone wich controls the variable for the zone "spawning_allowed", maybe I can make a disable_zone function wich set's spawning allowed for false. Gonna try it now.

Double Post Merge: July 09, 2018, 11:38:45 pm
This is the original function.
This is the disable one I just made.
Calling it from the .gsc like this.
No errors, gonna test it now.

Double Post Merge: July 09, 2018, 11:41:09 pm

Ok, so I got a error, someone knows what I'm doing wrong?

Double Post Merge: July 09, 2018, 11:43:25 pm

Gonna try doing it directly from the GSC.

Double Post Merge: July 09, 2018, 11:51:12 pm
It fucking worked, thanks for all of you that helped, respect+.
6 years ago
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