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Congrats on the release! been a long time :P
417 days ago
Yea we made it, realied that instead of just shooting them, make Napalm one explode by getting close and let moon catch you so he dies quick :P

Need more maps like this! Super fun to progress thru floors.

great to hear you liked it! thats the whole purpose :)
777 days ago
Any chance you could make it so there's no special zombies on the map? I'm trying to play this with my friend but its ridiculously difficult once special zombies spawn, there's no way to fight them together and it goes to crap.

Other than that, really enjoyable map. Wish there was more like cube unlimited :D

sorry not going to do it. the whole purpose is having the moon and napalm zomboe. glad to hear you like it, and if you keep trying you ll make it :)
782 days ago
Hey man, I read in the description that you had some help adding in the black ops 1 guns. was this from a download or some post? I'm curious because I'm making a map too and just got the black ops 2 guns to work.

add me on discord Pieternba2k #9386
796 days ago
Super fun map and very challenging. HOWEVER, there is a huge game breaking bug where you can literally jump over/around each one of the barriers without purchasing them all the way up to the top. Not only that, but after you climb up so high and kill all the zombies the rounds start to skip. So i got to round 40 just now in like 15 mins. Only thing you have to kill is the spaceguy and the fire zombie cause those put a pause on the round skip bug.

Great to hear you enjoyed it! unfortunately I lost the map files so there wont be an update coming, I would suggest just to not use the glitch if you wanna have fun! :)
805 days ago
Awesome map in my opinion, i already beat the map by myself and i must admite it was very hard to complete, The Final itself was not epic as i though but i almost get killed by a lot of napalm zombies, that screaming zombie and the custom one
good thing the zapgun and the raygun were in the map to save me :D

Good to hear you enjoyed it! I might have overhyped the ending a bit, I think its pretty fun if I say so myself
816 days ago
Radiant prefab and sound csv for breakable glass windows. Works in zombiemode and sp.

Thanks man, respect.
829 days ago
You can make your own using brush and patches and what not, or add prefabs (misc>prefab and going to prefabs folder\windows).

Of if you're talking about boards
I meant more like windows with glass that you can look through, as the prefabs are kinda bad tbh
829 days ago
title says it all, does anybody know how to include windows into your custom map?

830 days ago
Look pretty interesting and original in the youtube clip! looking forward to try this out!
830 days ago
Oh My GOD!!!
I've been playing this map for 2 hours and its amazing! so funny and i loved it!!!!
Since Cheese cube i haven't see a good map of parkour.
Also, i played your first map and i have to say, good job, but this map is better! So many bosses and the PaP weapons are balanced so i think thats what makes this map so difficult.

I'll be waiting for more releases of you and i'll share this map in my channel. (not spam)


Im glad to hear you enjoyed it! im not sure if im gonna do a parkour map next because i feel like some people here dont like me doing these parkour styled maps. Its great to hear you have fun, youre welcome to share anything on your channel haha!

Double Post Merge: August 31, 2017, 08:14:27 am
will you do more parkour maps?

I might do one in the future, but now that my university starts i dont think ill have the time for it
831 days ago
Hey there, Great map.  I just want you to know that you can squeeze through the 1st triangle door for certain (at least in co-op) and then the zombies just stand there at the bottom of the map.  Also I think the 3rd door which is also a triangle you can squeeze through.  I know we did that with two of them.  There were a couple more that did not let us do this but we did not make it to the top of the map, there may be more.  Fun map - love the drops.!!!
Good to hear you enjoyed the map. This is the first time i have heard this kinda glitch. Ive no real intention to update the map due to my university college starting again soon so I would just suggest not use the glitch so you can enjoy it! Have fun! :)
834 days ago
how tf are you suppose to play this in co-op? we got to the top of the tower and your bitch ass put ground spawners all over the fucking bridge?  was there a reason for this? because if you die and make it all the way back up theres no point because you need speed cola for the rpd on the wall and if your play with 4 people theres no way everyone can train in pap room

The pack a punch room should big enough to train with 4 players together in a circle. if you did not not notice the description of this map says that this is a challenge map, making the pack a punch room bigger would simply make this map too easy. This map however, isnt indeed really build for 4 players
837 days ago
Great map
My favorite part is the weapon variety and not having the weapons completely OP when pap
love the bosses and napalms zombies
Thank you glad you enjoyed it ^^
840 days ago
I'm gonna predict the future with this..
your next map...
will be inspired by...
Cheese Cube Unlimited.
Boom, mind blown

Haha ill promise you it wont 😉
840 days ago


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