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I'm making a map and I don't want to have explosive damage (not like PHD or a perk) for the whole game so people don't die using them (my map isn't a normal one). Is there like a dvar or function that can turn off explosive damage?
1435 days ago
I want to have powerups in my map that gives the player a free perk and one that pack-a-punches the currently held weapon. I'm gonna try to make a script for myself if no response is given but i'm not very experienced and i'll probably end up basing it off a pack-a-punch script. any help is appreciated
1444 days ago
So if you take the drop you would like to replace your current weapon for the DG for the rest of the game? I'm a bit confused  :o
He's saying he wants it to be like a normal Death Machine drop, where it lasts for 30 seconds and then when it finishes it gives your guns back. The problem is that it doesn't give your weapons back when it finishes.
1635 days ago
Yeah, as the title says, I want to know which fx is used so I can change it to be custom, like red or something like that.
1635 days ago
Open _zombiemode_powerups.gsc
search for this
add_zombie_powerup( "carpenter",  	"zombie_carpenter",	&"ZOMBIE_POWERUP_MAX_AMMO");
and add this under it
add_zombie_powerup( "dg", "weapon_usa_tesla", &"DG" );
go to the fuction powerup_grab() and search for this
case "carpenter":
level thread start_carpenter( self.origin );
players[i] thread powerup_vo("carpenter");
and add this under it
case "dg":
players[i] thread dg_drop( self );
go to the fuction nuke_flash() and add this under it
dg_drop( drop_item, player_won )
primaryWeapons = self GetWeaponsListPrimaries();
for( i = 0; i < primaryWeapons.size; i++ )
self TakeWeapon( primaryWeapons[i] );
self giveWeapon( "tesla_gun" );
self switchToWeapon( "tesla_gun" );
self GiveMaxAmmo( "tesla_gun" );
wait (30);
self TakeWeapon("tesla_gun");
self giveWeapon(primaryWeapons[i]);
open dlc3_code.gsc and find the function include_powerups() and add this to it
 include_powerup( "dg" );
We have a problem here: When the powerup finishes, it doesn't return your original weapons
1641 days ago
I ported the BO2 model and it replaced the original and is very glitchy so someone please just send me the files thank you in advance
1649 days ago
Download T4M so you don't have to so much work, it increases the FX and Sound FX limits
1660 days ago
Check the doorway itself. It can be too small for them.
The doorway is fine, I know this because it's not only that they don't walk thru the doorway, they stay in their barriers if I switch zones while they're taking it down
1668 days ago
I did everything on my zones, my doors, traverses, barriers, and zombies won't walk through zones. If I stay in the zone, they come through, but when I walk into another zone, they just stop at the doorway or just don't hop the barrier in the zone I was in.
1668 days ago
Ok, I know everybody's gonna say, "Let the mappers create whatever they want you uncultured swine," and to some degree, they're right and mappers should always create what they want. But seriously, Nacht Der Untoten remakes are seriously the least original ideas ever thought of. I saw one that was pretty good, so that one is an exception. It started with Madgaz putting the Mystery Box room in Fabrik Der Untoten, and that was perfectly fine. Then the BO3 Modtools Beta released to the public, and the Steam workshop has become a cesspool of Nacht & Kino remakes, school shooter maps, and box maps. BE ORIGINAL.

i probably triggered all of the community but fuck it.
1697 days ago
Verruckt, with the PPSH and Winter's Howl and stuff like that. Also if you're looking for more of a challenge, I guess Die Rise, Ascension, Five (since Castro just died), and I would say Shi No Numa, if Madgaz doesn't do it first
1706 days ago
I don't know if I should be impressed, scared, or offended...
1706 days ago
id recommend harrys perks, or even jai's ones, but if you want your own heres my script for it, pretty sure it wasnt mine originally but no idea where it came from (probably a script placer)

players = GetPlayers();
if(players[i] hasperk("specialty_longersprint"))
players[i] setmovespeedscale(1.07);
players[i] SetClientDVar("perk_sprintMultiplier", "2");
players[i] setmovespeedscale(1);
players[i] SetClientDVar("perk_sprintMultiplier", "1");

this doubles sprint distance and 7% speed boost (stats of bo1 staminup, not sure if bo2-3 uses the same)
what file does this go into
1720 days ago
I have the sounds and model for the machine, and the perk bottle I could care less for and will probably reuse Double tap's, but how would I script Stamina-up into my map? I know there's a variable you can change in the console to give unlimited sprint, and Extreme Conditioning from MP, but idk how to script that so could someone lend some help? It would be very much appreciated and thank you in advance to anyone that helps.
1721 days ago
So I have tried deleting that image file, re installing the mod, commenting all the buildables out, removing buildables from radiant map and have tried both localized and patch, and without either of those. The error is loading fastfile mapname_patch, error image 'images/uie_t7_icon_inventory_dlc2_shield_door.iwi' is missing. I havent really messed with images much but something I noticed is harry's mod's iwd has an images folder inside the images folder. so it goes harry's craftables, images, images, then all the images, including the one that gives me the error.
He doesn't use this site, he uses modme because most modders and scrubs left ugx to go there
1721 days ago


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