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Topics - ItsLowrider5

I'm making a map and I don't want to have explosive damage (not like PHD or a perk) for the whole game so people don't die using them (my map isn't a normal one). Is there like a dvar or function that can turn off explosive damage?
4 years ago
I want to have powerups in my map that gives the player a free perk and one that pack-a-punches the currently held weapon. I'm gonna try to make a script for myself if no response is given but i'm not very experienced and i'll probably end up basing it off a pack-a-punch script. any help is appreciated
4 years ago
Yeah, as the title says, I want to know which fx is used so I can change it to be custom, like red or something like that.
5 years ago
I ported the BO2 model and it replaced the original and is very glitchy so someone please just send me the files thank you in advance
5 years ago
I did everything on my zones, my doors, traverses, barriers, and zombies won't walk through zones. If I stay in the zone, they come through, but when I walk into another zone, they just stop at the doorway or just don't hop the barrier in the zone I was in.
5 years ago
Ok, I know everybody's gonna say, "Let the mappers create whatever they want you uncultured swine," and to some degree, they're right and mappers should always create what they want. But seriously, Nacht Der Untoten remakes are seriously the least original ideas ever thought of. I saw one that was pretty good, so that one is an exception. It started with Madgaz putting the Mystery Box room in Fabrik Der Untoten, and that was perfectly fine. Then the BO3 Modtools Beta released to the public, and the Steam workshop has become a cesspool of Nacht & Kino remakes, school shooter maps, and box maps. BE ORIGINAL.

i probably triggered all of the community but fuck it.
5 years ago
I have the sounds and model for the machine, and the perk bottle I could care less for and will probably reuse Double tap's, but how would I script Stamina-up into my map? I know there's a variable you can change in the console to give unlimited sprint, and Extreme Conditioning from MP, but idk how to script that so could someone lend some help? It would be very much appreciated and thank you in advance to anyone that helps.
5 years ago
How would I go about adding the ambient screams from Verruckt into a certain area of my map? I think it adds to the level of scariness and it fits the theme a lot, but I don't see it used very often. Any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance
5 years ago
So I tried to use HarryBo21's World At War, Black Ops 1, and Black Ops 2 Perk Pack 5.0.0 but I keep getting bad token errors after I compile my map and build my mod. I followed every instruction precisely as told but nothing works. Also, he says to add menufile,ui/, but when I build mod it says I don't have it. Any help would be appreciated, so thanks in advance.
5 years ago
Hello, how would I go about making each player have a different set of viewhands, like Black Ops 1? I've seen it done on maps like Ragnarok, but I don't know how to do it. Thanks for the help in advance
5 years ago
Hello, I am making a map and I want to know how I can take the Verruckt character quotes and replace the DLC 3 quotes with them. I know how to get the character models because that's easy as changing the character files but I want the voiceover quotes. Thanks in advance
5 years ago
So I've been thinking and playing old zombies maps and I don't know if anyone remembers, but in the Buried intro cutscene the 4 characters walk past the pyramids. I thought, woah I wish this could've been a map. I would love to see what could happen with a setting of Egypt. I would've made it in Black Ops 3 Mod Tools, but I don't have a good enough computer or the money to buy one. So I thought I could pass on the idea to a modder here.

Setting: Giza, Egypt, at the pyramids.
Characters: Preferably the Green Run crew (since they passed the pyramids to get to Buried), but the O4 will do.
Backstory: Group 935 have built a facility near the pyramids of Egypt because they discovered an abundance of 115. One of the pharaohs(choose any one) were awakened from their eternal rest and is furious that they dare try to change his land. Then, bodies of Ancient Egyptians start rising from the ground and their pyramid tombs. The zombies eyes will be red. The facility is overrun, and the pharaoh destroys modern day Egypt and rebuild his kingdom. As the characters are passing by, they are lured to the area by a mysterious voice begging for help. You hear an intercom (like Dr. Groph in Der Eisendrache) with the voice telling you his location until he is interrupted and starts screaming in pain. You then hear a blaring alarm and the voice telling you to escape now while you still can and that he is doomed. Then, the ground around the facility and the pyramids start to lift off the very earth itself, so you are now trapped.
Gameplay: The zombies should preferably have new models to make them look Egyptian. Or you can take the body model of Khalil from the campaign and zombify the heads and arms. The map should be about the size of Gorod Krovi at least, because the size of Origins is a bit too much to ask for. The Wundersphere should return. Sliding is replaced by dolphin diving. Afterlife Mode should return, it just makes sense, ancient Egyptians believed in the Afterlife, connect the dots.
Perks: The normal 9 you get throughout BO3, but PhD Flopper and Vulture Aid could be two possibilities imo. Banana Colada you could add I guess if you wanted.
Specialist Weapons: The Skull of Nan Sapwe should be in this map, and it should help do some of the easter egg.
Wonder Weapons: Ray Gun, Ray Gun MK 2, Ray Gun MK 3, Apothicon Servant
Classic Weapons: BAR, MG42, PPSH-41, M1 Garand, STG-44, M1911
Buildables: Dragon Shield, Keeper Protector
Pack a Punch model: Der Eisendrache/Origins Model
Pack a Punch camo: Afterlife camo from BO2 AKA THE RITUAL CAMO FROM SOE BUT BLUE.
Easter Egg Plot: Discover the true identity of the mysterious voice and break the cycle.
                        Break the cycle- Kill the mysterious voice and end the game
                        Continue the cycle- Save the mysterious voice and end the game.

Just some ideas, you could expand on this more and pick and choose what you agree with. Heavy scripting and all that would probably be needed. Pass this on to a modder who is very experienced or take the challenge on yourself!
5 years ago
So I have been making a custom map of my own and I've wanted to figure out how to make a custom Easter Egg? Like the Fly Trap from The Giant, shoot three things and a Pack A Punched Gun spawns in a certain spot in the map. I would love to learn how to do this, any help would be appreciated
5 years ago
HOW DO I INSTALL THIS im new to UGX Mods and stuff so if you could help thank you

Link to map:,8435.0.html
6 years ago
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