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I'm making a map and I don't want to have explosive damage (not like PHD or a perk) for the whole game so people don't die using them (my map isn't a normal one). Is there like a dvar or function that can turn off explosive damage?
1121 days ago
I want to have powerups in my map that gives the player a free perk and one that pack-a-punches the currently held weapon. I'm gonna try to make a script for myself if no response is given but i'm not very experienced and i'll probably end up basing it off a pack-a-punch script. any h...
1130 days ago
So if you take the drop you would like to replace your current weapon for the DG for the rest of the game? I'm a bit confused  :o
He's saying he wants it to be like a normal Death Mach...
1322 days ago
Yeah, as the title says, I want to know which fx is used so I can change it to be custom, like red or something like that.
1322 days ago
Open _zombiemode_powerups.gsc
search for this
add_zombie_powerup( "carpenter",  	"zombie_carpenter",	&"ZOMBIE_POWERUP_MAX_AMMO");
and add this under i...
1327 days ago
I ported the BO2 model and it replaced the original and is very glitchy so someone please just send me the files thank you in advance
1335 days ago


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