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checks which one is occupied
316 days ago
Can have as many zones active as you like
317 days ago
Yea I mean this wasn’t done like ten years ago on verruct or nothing

Must be impossible
318 days ago

You placed what’s effectively a barrier in between lol

I had a similar problem at work today. There was a wall in my way. Eventually I “fixed” the issue by no longer walking in to the wall
318 days ago
That makes it an “alpha” then

Beta means “all features implemented”
320 days ago
why did you change your profile picture to some girl? we know who you are yknow
321 days ago
so its "not" a beta then - its the final product?

you could make a mod to fix the script issues - or you could fix them in the IWD if the scripts were included in yours ( ie - not compressed in FF - and even if they were, you could extract them with a FF decompiler - fix them - and then add them to the IWD ), if you cant or wont - its the finished product mate
321 days ago
lol, 90% of modders dont make "challenge" they make "dumb ass runners from round 1" and "tiny one window boxes"

option B mate....
331 days ago
a lot more to it than that  if you want the 3p anims to work
333 days ago
no there is a "actual" fix, was posted like 8 years ago, use the search bar

the problem is the wonderwaffe specific code keeps /2 the players "max" health instead of health, so eventually your max health becomes "1"
333 days ago
on Five when i shot Maxis with the sliquifier , he despawn , is this normal ?
erm... maxis is not in five, and you definitely cannot shoot him
335 days ago
v_trigger is not a proper waittill
335 days ago
I repeat - wraith definitely works “for sounds” from bo3 lol
335 days ago
Lol it definitely works with bo3...
335 days ago


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