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Messages - mxtxm

Probably not, but all of the bolt-action rifles have been given a much-needed damage and multiplier buff, otherwise nobody would have any reason to ever use them lol
Nice. I love sniper rifles so it's good to hear they got a massive buff.
A new question have for you is, "Will the M1 Garand's damage profile be changed to match the MX Garand from bo3?"
I fun as the rifle grenades are(if you don't blow yourself up) I kind of care more about the performance of the main gun.
7 years ago
Probably not, still wanna stick to the limits of the WWII era. Of course, there are still attachments like dual-mag, and maybe even variable zoom if that's possible. We'll see what happens!

I think variable zoom is possible if you script the alternate zoom to activate the same way as a grenade launcher. I think is was TMG Christmas that had the QBB-LSW with the bo2 hybrid optic and you would change which sight you were using by hitting te grenade launcher button. There could be an issue if the player were to hold both the imploder and whatever has the variable zoom. Maybe look into making it mandatory for the the player to have the weapon out for them to use the grenade launcher or zoom.
7 years ago
As for the buffs for the weapons mentioned above: done, done, done, and done! I always hated how insignificant the upgrade was for those weapons! Especially the M1 Carbine, it could've been done so much better.
Great. Other suggestions would be to give weapons attachments when pap. Maybe appeture on m1 carbine and the version of the ptrs that has iron sights. I have only seen the iron sight version on one map a long time ago. It would be cool to see it again.
7 years ago
Here's some suggestions for the mod(if these haven't already been done.)

M1A1 Carbine
-change name to M1 Carbine(the M1A1 version had a wireframe folding stock)
-increase the Widdershins RC-1's magazine cap and reserve ammo cap

-Increase The Widow Maker's reserve ammo cap

-Increase The Penetrator's reserve ammo cap

-Increase The Afterburner's reserve ammo cap

The reason I am making these suggestions is that it doesn't feel right to upgrade a weapon and have it keep pretty much the same amount of reserve ammo. In the case of the M1 Carbine, having it's upgraded version maintain the 15 round magazine is a joke.
7 years ago
The map came out great. I like the way stamin-up was set up. It provides an issue for when the player goes down and wants to buy it again, yet at the same time it also allows the player to get the perk early. I also love how you get electric cherry on this map.
Overall, fantastic job.

(Proof I figured it out.)
7 years ago
Looks great. Not only is it nice to see a map focusing on CQC(Close Quaters Combat) it's nice to see it be dark. My favorite kind of map is dark one with limited lighting and lots of areas where the zombies can jump you.
7 years ago
The map looks good. My hope is that you close it up some. The pics of it's current state make it look suiper open and easy to train on. One thing I will always take from ZNS is how careful I had to be while training it. While not as tedious I would lve to see some of that difficulty make it back inot the successor.
7 years ago
This map looks like it's going to be a fun one to play. The only issue I have is the parkour, but I am sure all the great stuff your scripting will out weigh it.
7 years ago
one suggestion I would have for this, would be to make it so that the wunderwaffe drop on cotd is a lightning bolt, like it is on the android and ios versions of the game.
7 years ago

The bootlegger

I hope you tweek the bootlegger a bit. For a gun that cost 2000 off the wall, it had poor movement when aiming down sights and a poor ammo capacity.
7 years ago
The map looks great so far. The weapon I am looking forward to the most has to be the L4 Siege. That thing was an animal on Gorod Krovi.
7 years ago
Great map. Only issue I had was it took me forever to find the double tap(I didn't have in the screenshot because I went through and played the map again to find it)

8 years ago
When You forget to lower your game settings for T4M maps.

8 years ago
I cant wait for the download to finish for this. Been waiting for this since it was first revealed. I just know that this is what Nuketown zombies should have been.
8 years ago
This annoucement made my day. Can not wait to get into the modtools and into the custom maps.
8 years ago
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