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Probably not, but all of the bolt-action rifles have been given a much-needed damage and multiplier buff, otherwise nobody would have any reason to ever use them lol
Nice. I love sniper rifles so it&#...
7 years ago
Probably not, still wanna stick to the limits of the WWII era. Of course, there are still attachments like dual-mag, and maybe even variable zoom if that's possible. We'll see what happens!

7 years ago
As for the buffs for the weapons mentioned above: done, done, done, and done! I always hated how insignificant the upgrade was for those weapons! Especially the M1 Carbine, it could've been done so much better.
7 years ago
Here's some suggestions for the mod(if these haven't already been done.)

M1A1 Carbine
-change name to M1 Carbine(the M1A1 version had a wireframe folding stock)
-increase the Widdershins RC-1's magazine cap and reserve ammo cap

-Increase The Wi...
7 years ago
The map came out great. I like the way stamin-up was set up. It provides an issue for when the player goes down and wants to buy it again, yet at the same time it also allows the player to get the perk early. I also love how you get electric cherry on this map.
Overall, fantastic job.
7 years ago
Looks great. Not only is it nice to see a map focusing on CQC(Close Quaters Combat) it's nice to see it be dark. My favorite kind of map is dark one with limited lighting and lots of areas where the zombies can jump you.
7 years ago


Have a disc copy of W@W, which is why steam doesn't display it
WaW: XxIceBearxX
Steam: Nightmare_Pie
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