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Just dropping by to say this map is so fucking good. I love it so much.
2183 days ago
the plane boss the plane...
2201 days ago
Awesome fucking map!
Love the round unlock doers :D
2212 days ago
Meh...  :-\ I'm honestly not a fan of futuristic games... COD AW was pretty good but I just don't like that style of game. I'm sure Treyarch will still produce a good product though...
2239 days ago
Aren't there only 6 rooms? I found 6 easter eggs... does the giving bear count as an easter egg or is the easter egg on the moon? I couldn't figure out anything with those teddies on the mooon :/
Find all the "fun facts" to get the giving bear.

Bears on the moon are Trolls...

Hope this helps!  ;)
2280 days ago
I could be wrong but I always thought it had to do with the number given to it in zombiemode_weapons.gsc.

so here is an example:
include_zombie_weapon_ugx("m60", 						"M60", 							3000,	true,	undefined,									undefined, 	"vox_mg",  		4);

at the very end of the script the number "4" is the rarity of the gun coming out of the box.

Like I said I've never messed with it but I think that is how it's done.
2302 days ago
Amazing map! I love it! Good with friends but awesome solo, good job. Keep up the great maps, You are now officially my favourite mapper

Very cool! Thanks!
2311 days ago
One of the best maps I have ever played! So fun and chaotic.

Thanks!!!  8)
2314 days ago
Attention Everyone:
Tomorrow night, Saturday the 8th of February, you guys will be able to see an EXCLUSIVE look at vacant, it will be streamed live by one of my good friends mayhemzombies at

Streaming time will be at 9 pm Central Time, google a time converter to find out what time it is for you guys. May start a bit early or a bit late but come check out him playing the map. It will be a before beta preview so there will be a few bugs that will be noticeable but the map should be able to run just fine. I will be in the chat answering any of your guys questions. I am hoping for the actual beta to start next weekend if you guys have signed up and I accepted everyone.

Hope to see you guys there!!

2317 days ago
I agree with the standings! The top 3 picked definitely deserve to be there! 

Adding Honorable mentions was very cool!!! Thank you guys so much!

look forward to more contest in the future!!  8)
2337 days ago
Very cool! Great footage bro!
2345 days ago
Just finished it, first run too, and as expected the experience was a delight  :)

Tremendous map, another one for the portfolio, really look forward to whatever genius you come up with next  ;D

Thanks!!! 8)
2353 days ago
I want to ask for helpful comments that can help me be a better mapper.

The best thing you can do is learn from your favorite games. Spend some time looking at the detail and layout that the "pros" have made.

 "The last of us" is a good place to get detailing ideas from.

I ask that there are no comments that can hurt me in any way (but its the internet so I have no control over it) lol.

If you really want to be a custom zombies mapper... You'll have to get some thick skin.  People are passionate about this stuff... and you're not going to make everyone happy.

Welcome to the community! Best of luck with your future projects! 8)
2354 days ago
Great map as always! loved the train intro i've wanted something like that for years. Just amazing Grantdaddy

Thanks man! I'm really happy everyone is enjoying the map.  I've had that intro in the back of mind for awhile now.  I thought this would be a good time to break it out! :)

This is a great map! You were very right about solo being a challenge but if you have good crowd control skills you will be fine. No zombies on sharpshooter at all...they just never showed up. Gungame is a blast and this map was made for it. At least that's how I see it. Loved the fact that the zombies don't show up until you turn the power on...makes it easier to get revive onboard early. Not a big fan of the intro after the first run through...maybe assign a key to skip it? Still this a really fun map!

I agree the  intro is long and annoying after the first time through... If I do an update on the map I will definitely add a trigger to skip the intro. 

Thanks for your feedback!
Glad you enjoy the map!  8)
2355 days ago


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