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If it's anything like the previous one: Yes. :P
The colors make me think of the Simpsons or Spongebob
1702 days ago
Is this from the multiplayer map, or did you just name it Knee Deep?
1705 days ago
A buyable ending isn't worth 500k unless it blows up the map or something crazy happens. The rest of the game looks solid enough, I'll give it a go
1713 days ago
Please use mediafire whenever you can, but I'll take Google Drive download. Actually, I'm still downloading now, can't wait to see what it's like!

EDIT: Aaaannnnd I've just realized that it's a T4M map. Sorry, I don't play T4M maps. :/
1717 days ago
Yep ;) ECW is my initals and i was born feb 22 so 22 is my lucky number
Not the most memorable username ever created, but that's cool! I don't really use any part of my birthday as a lucky number.
1720 days ago
I'm quite glad that this map remained stable while recording because UGX Requiem was a texture mess. In the process of uploading gun game gameplay, was quite fun! One question to the mapper... is there any special meaning behind the seemingly random letters in your username?
1720 days ago
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

Next time you need beta testers, just ask me!
Glad you noticed, too. I wasn't able to finish the EE, plus the game crashed before I can continue. Gameplay here, game crash is at the end of the vid.
1720 days ago
Hi guys,today I bring you my last custom map DeepDown  :D :D
Nice to see some BF and CoD2 guns, but what do you mean by "last custom map"? You'll make more in the future, right?

As for the Easter Egg...
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.
1723 days ago
press T

insert message

end game

again, i remind you this is not a "requirement". And like he said, dont see you devaluing treyarch and telling them to "spend more time in future"
There's still something different about the mapper himself writing a message for the player, but that's just me. And I do have my criticisms on the 3arc zombies devs (plenty of them, actually), just that I don't feel like this thread is the place to say them.
1726 days ago
because all you do is press X

you could save 50,000 and press start - go to end game - and get the exact same result

getting points is possibly the "least" challenging aspect of zombies if you are actually "trying" to get points
That's a good point, but it's still fun to see some special message pop up on a real buyable ending or on some of the more elaborate maps developed by a small team of mappers, a few random fireworks just for the shizz
1726 days ago
You don't know Pro then, if I remember correctly he despises buyable endings, that's even why he went to the length of making it an "easter egg" in NDU Re-imagined. :D
Yeah, then I don't know Pro. Still not sure about the reasoning behind hating buyable endings, but if the mapper doesn't include them in his maps cuz he hates them, then I would understand why there wouldn't be any. Thanks for telling me that, at least. And sorry for not reading everything before playing the map.
1726 days ago
thanks scoba

Hell I even had to "repurchase" all the BO1 and 2 content all over again on PC so i could get it out to you guys lol

not that i mind of course lol
Jeez you don't need 3 replies to give me the message, I got it already. And I'm sorry for being rude, but after having seen a lot of bigger Easter Eggs on some other maps, I just had even higher expectations for the newest maps. I also apologize for not understanding how long it takes to map cuz I haven't done anything like that yet, I just thought at least a simple buyable ending wouldn't have taken long.
1726 days ago
The map was boring. It looked good, but it was boring. Please spend more time on features (at least some buyable ending), and I wouldn't mind if this means less time spent on aesthetics. In the end, the map colors all looked the same and just gave me a hard time looking for parts across the entire map, which was a huge chore. Finding parts should be a challenge, but not a chore.
1726 days ago
Looks nice but no perks or PAP? :'(

Think I'll wait for an update...:-\
That's also my thought process. Mapper, I'll be waiting on the download until you add features in.
1734 days ago
Wouldn't it be better if this was still in the WIP section if you have such a large Coming Soon list?
1734 days ago


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