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None of the newer CoDs compare to CoD4 and WaW
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If it's anything like the previous one: Yes. :P
The colors make me think of the Simpsons or Spongebob
1398 days ago
Is this from the multiplayer map, or did you just name it Knee Deep?
1401 days ago
A buyable ending isn't worth 500k unless it blows up the map or something crazy happens. The rest of the game looks solid enough, I'll give it a go
1409 days ago
Please use mediafire whenever you can, but I'll take Google Drive download. Actually, I'm still downloading now, can't wait to see what it's like!

EDIT: Aaaannnnd I've just realized that it's a T4M map. Sorry, I don't play T4M maps. :/
1413 days ago
Yep ;) ECW is my initals and i was born feb 22 so 22 is my lucky number
Not the most memorable username ever created, but that's cool! I don't really use any part of my birthday as a lucky num...
1416 days ago
I'm quite glad that this map remained stable while recording because UGX Requiem was a texture mess. In the process of uploading gun game gameplay, was quite fun! One question to the mapper... is there any special meaning behind the seemingly random letters in your username?
1416 days ago


It's hard to go wrong with the color blue!


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