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if all possible, could you add the ability to activate the console command "r_fullbright" to the ugx pause menu, on maps with console enabled, if you use this command, it will remove lighting, boost fps insanely high on low end PCs.
An example is when i play the map Verrukt, for example, i usually get around 25 to 40 fps, but with r_fullbright 1, i get 80-90 the entire time. Just something for lower end PCs

If someones PC is that shitty, they shouldn't be playing cod waw on it imo.
2809 days ago
mw3 does not have zombies, i meant turned what mp gamemode is being added?
It's the exact same gamemode as the Juggernaut gamemode in mw3 where everyone has to kill the juggernaut. But now it's zombies, woopdeedoo.
2810 days ago
i agree, they are making progress on better map packs, must be reading zm,ugx and tmg fourms and seeing our view, they added a weapon and a new gamemode

The gamemode isn't new. It was in MW3.
2810 days ago
2810 days ago
I beat it so many times on every game mode, I even beat it on gamemodes that you can't play anymore since they didn't make sense. lol
2819 days ago
Screen works nicely:
(Image removed from quote.)

Has controls for Brightness, Contrast, Color, and Aspect Ratio (16:9 stretched or 4:3 natural)

Charger works and was powering the screen - I will hotglue the wires so that they aren't exposed.
(Image removed from quote.)

hahaha you're watching, "It's always sunny in Philadelphia" Great show.
2819 days ago

Win stereo system (650W RMS, this thing goes really loud and also can record audio), Microsoft Surface RT 32gb, and probably my favourite present which isn't visible, is a voucher for the experience of driving a Lamborghini Murcielago around a race track :D

Then there's also the usual clothes/socks and Guinness World Records book too :P

Add me on PS3! I'm DeathClonic. :D
2828 days ago
I got a badass razor epic mouse, a ps3 wireless headset, and a my current gpu is loud as a jet engine for no reason wtf?
2828 days ago
I know for sure that W1NG3D and his testers would have noticed this co=op bug before releasing, no idea why that's happening. Also for the audioless weapon, which weapon is it?
Never really had a chance to test in co op other than with winged, and we didn't have any of the problems listed.
2830 days ago
treminaor made a facebook page today for UGX. Check it out here
2832 days ago
You have too many cells in your map.
2837 days ago
2837 days ago
cod 4 has snow textures
2837 days ago


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