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What a shame, UGX, Was a great community, Kept us clean from the zombie modding aids. Then this happened.

I have shared my opinions in so many words about this today which a lot of it isn't shown because it was all deleted, Stevie has seriously let himself down not that he cared as his vision was blured in dollar signs.

The way some (who's name I will not mention) bring youtubers into the arguement and Tom-BMX (Which, agree'd, what he was doing was illegal by a tremendous stretch) was just reaching to make themselves believe that this was all such a top idea. The logic was non-existant.

Really don't want too waste any more time on this and do certainly not want any part in it and this community.

I'm out  ;)
2110 days ago
First match, Not a bad start :P

2118 days ago
Looks like an interesting map, Might try it. But your missing your fat list of credits unless your telling us you did all the features yourself   :D

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.
2122 days ago
Nice work MJPW :)
2131 days ago
Heya MJPW,

The solution to your problem is very simple.
First you need too navigate too your which is a client script, This may either exist in your mods/modname/clientscripts folder itself or within raw/clientscript.

When you open your you can either disable the function for playing both powerdown and poweron or disable only powerdown leaving the poweron sound.

To disable both you can just find;
thread power_audio_2d();

And comment it out;
//thread power_audio_2d();

To disable just powerdown sound, find;
playsound( 0, "power_down_2d", (0,0,0) );

and comment it out;
//playsound( 0, "power_down_2d", (0,0,0) );

Happy modding!
2151 days ago
Challenge excepted Jiffy >=)
2172 days ago
i found it quite lazy and dull, and there was this annoying guy i was playing with who kept telling me not to teleport :troll:

I'm going too teach you what middle fingers are for >=(
2176 days ago
Well that's confusing.
The review seemed more about the virtual food more than the map itself and despite the numerous mapping flaws in the map including lack of better detail and clipped up grass, the map wasn't all too bad.
2177 days ago
The perks in MOTD had Jingles and Stingers but they were more chimes compared the stingers and jingles your use too (Origins exluded)

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.
2177 days ago
Glad you liked playing it :)

I decided not too add Deadshot 2.0 or Stamin-up because they were not necessary for this map.

Pack-a-punch has been removed in Unique Mod and replaced with weapon leveling.

Weapon Leveling is a prototype in Farm and will be improved in newer versions of the mod which I may update on this map but might not. Unconfirmed. See how it goes.
2182 days ago
And I was told, that I would test new update before it goes here in site, so I feel disappointed

That moment where you could just cry

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.
2184 days ago
With many new additions and changes to UMod and new map projects, I won't be able to update this map for a while.
When deciding to make this the final release, never expected to have bugs like that.

But Harry, one thing you could try is using the FOV Slider in Game Options too fix this.
2185 days ago
Zombies on fire now give points, FINALLY! Now I can properly play this map  :lol: Awesome work!

My bad, Forgot to define the attacker on zombie explosive death.
2185 days ago
I left PHD Protection from exploding ordinary zombies in there but the rest is self inflicted damage protection.

Round 20 beats my record thus far, I'll have another run at it later.
Glad you liked it :)
2189 days ago
This just looks like a modified version of Trem's hint string on

And by having a quick look through the code, whats stopping the hint string showing if the map is restarted while a hint string is shown.

dvars are stored through-out the session (which includes on a restart) and the hintstring will continue too show when the player goes back too spawn.
2191 days ago


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