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There's two ways to fix this, either:

Go to /raw/images/ and find any iwi file in there, copy it and then rename it to "~-gblockout_asphalt_test_c". Now you can compile it.



Open the level with the compile problem in it with radiant and change brushes with this texture:

(Image removed from quote.)

to any other texture you want to have in that place.

I found the image, and my browser saved it as a different name, so I had to rename it and now it works, thanks for the help anyways.
543 days ago
So, I decided to try out BO1 and see how modding and mapping is. But when i try to compile my map, it gives the following error:

image 'images/~-gblockout_asphalt_test_c.iwi' is missing

How do I fix this or don't I have to fix this (and does my map work somehow)?
    550 days ago
    Hey, recently I found out how to edit the zombies weapon kit stuff. Now, I managed to get silencer on the MR6, but if I choose the dual wield attachment, it still stays single wield.

    My question is, is there a way to make it so whenever you choose the dual wield attachment you'll get the gun dual wield (obviously I only add the dual wield attachment to guns that have it on multiplayer as well).

    Also, is there a way to add custom more camos to choose from?
    786 days ago
    Good to see I'm not the only one annoyed by this
    1158 days ago

    I'm wondering something. Is it maybe possible to remove / shorten the shitty forest cutscene? I really get annoyed by it.  :alone:
    1158 days ago
    Wha... I assume it's customly created? And any screens?
    1160 days ago
    Yeah that's unfortunate man. All I know is that mappers are getting screwed over by the remasters. The maps that aren't being remastered by Treyarch are your best bet. Call of the Dead, Tranzit, Five, Die Rise, Buried, Nuketown and Mob of the Dead (Although another mapper is working on it).

    Somebody is working on a MOTD remaster? I mean, I don't get why that isn't remastered by Treyarch, it was one of the best maps ever!
    1186 days ago
    I hope things like this is getting back too. Great release. Cheers!
    1264 days ago
    Basically, it has to upgrade to the normal upgrade first. From that, price will be reduced to 2K points and you'll get a random attachment. I have no clue how to do the check stuff and the list of attachments, I think the rest is pretty straight forward.
    1270 days ago
    no, not even t4m increases it (as far as im aware) but remember not all weapons need to have attachments, guns such as ray gun or colt most likely wouldnt need one, and different guns can have less or more. just saying in the end you can have less weapons in total

    Yeah. I was thinking of things like SMGs, ARs, MAYBE snipers once I get the hang of modeling and I can add iron sights, but that's all. Maybe LMGs but not even sure about that. Some shotguns for full auto but that's all. So I don't think it's a big idea. Although I'm not sure how I'd make it. I started looking at the scripts of the pack a punch and have a "hard time understanding" it (in a way, like I understand the syntax and most of the stuff but not like the process)
    1270 days ago
    I was thinking of 4/5 attachments max, that would give around (average, know I'm way off but nevermind about that) 20 different weapons. I guess there isn't a way to expand that limit? I guess it'd be a pretty cool idea.
    1270 days ago

    I know requesting stuff is probably a BAD idea. I just try it anyways. So, what my idea was, I want to have double pack a punch in my map/mod like in BO2, so when you double pack a punch you get a different attachment. Now, I'm not the best scripter so I was wondering if there's any script I'm looking for released or somebody is willing to create it for me. Or guide me through it.
    1270 days ago
    Weapon costs are handled on the trigger or in the weapon file, can't remember which but that is super simple to edit. As far as the guns yes you would hand to use maya. If you are on the bo3 discord add me I am noobforlunch on discord. I will help you out. :)

    No I'm not and I don't know how to go on the BO3 discord.
    1319 days ago
    For the guns you would have to add them yourself as they aren't loaded in giant. Then after that you would make a custom weapon file. The weapon file is found in share > raw > gamedata > weapons > zm after this you go to a map that has the weapons you want and export their animations and models then compile the animations using maya and cod maya tools. As for points you would have to explain what you want. It can be done no problem as I have altered the amount of points you get on spawn and from shooting and killing zombies.

    Well I was mostly thinking about also adding guns from MP into ZM. I tried with a tutorial I found here to add a gun called smg_nailgun (I don't even know which gun this is LOL) but it failed. I really have to use Maya to compile the animations etc.? As I'm not the best with Maya (I haven't used it much either).

    As for the points, just altering the cost of certain guns, pack a punch etc., changing a few scripts (and try to add more powerups etc.) just some basic examples. So editing common zombie scripts.
    1319 days ago

    I know I wouldn't mate the best gun and scripts MOD, but it's just for fun for myself. I'd like to play on the original maps with a lot of different weapons, both from all maps (so for example with a PPSh-41 and M1921(or however the gun is called) on The Giant), guns from Multiplayer that aren't in zombies, for example the Annihilator as a normal weapon. Also I'd like to edit some scripts (like scripts that has to do with prices etc.)

    Now I know I'm asking for a lot. Probably 99% isn't possible. But could anybody start helping me out? I don't want to sound like a noob. In WAW it was pretty easy for me, even in BO1, but in BO3 it's so much harder to figure it out.

    You get free cookies if you help and it is helpful.
    1319 days ago


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