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Topics - Gabrielle

So, I decided to try out BO1 and see how modding and mapping is. But when i try to compile my map, it gives the following error:

image 'images/~-gblockout_asphalt_test_c.iwi' is missing

How do I fix this or don't I have to fix this (and does my map work somehow)?
    3 years ago
    Hey, recently I found out how to edit the zombies weapon kit stuff. Now, I managed to get silencer on the MR6, but if I choose the dual wield attachment, it still stays single wield.

    My question is, is there a way to make it so whenever you choose the dual wield attachment you'll get the gun dual wield (obviously I only add the dual wield attachment to guns that have it on multiplayer as well).

    Also, is there a way to add custom more camos to choose from?
    4 years ago

    I'm wondering something. Is it maybe possible to remove / shorten the shitty forest cutscene? I really get annoyed by it.  :alone:
    5 years ago

    I know requesting stuff is probably a BAD idea. I just try it anyways. So, what my idea was, I want to have double pack a punch in my map/mod like in BO2, so when you double pack a punch you get a different attachment. Now, I'm not the best scripter so I was wondering if there's any script I'm looking for released or somebody is willing to create it for me. Or guide me through it.
    5 years ago

    I know I wouldn't mate the best gun and scripts MOD, but it's just for fun for myself. I'd like to play on the original maps with a lot of different weapons, both from all maps (so for example with a PPSh-41 and M1921(or however the gun is called) on The Giant), guns from Multiplayer that aren't in zombies, for example the Annihilator as a normal weapon. Also I'd like to edit some scripts (like scripts that has to do with prices etc.)

    Now I know I'm asking for a lot. Probably 99% isn't possible. But could anybody start helping me out? I don't want to sound like a noob. In WAW it was pretty easy for me, even in BO1, but in BO3 it's so much harder to figure it out.

    You get free cookies if you help and it is helpful.
    6 years ago
    If I start up radiant and open my map I get a window which gives me a shitload of cannot find xmodel stuff, also, "my map" in Radiant looks like:

    I didn't do anything, I just downloaded the mod tools, ran the modtools_launcher.bat and made a map, based on the zm template, opened it in Radiant and thats it
    6 years ago

    I want to have some answers on MOD tools, whether things are possible or not.

    1. Will it be possible to add weapons to the weapon kit and put the unlock at a level (for example, at level 50 you unlock the Thunder Gun in the weapon kit)?
    2. Will it be possible to add new gobblegums and add them to the gobble gum menu?
    3. Will it be possible to add new camos and add them to the camo selection (for example, for 500 zombie headshots, get X camo, if you get all camos, get Y camo, sort of like in MP)?
    4. I don't know whether Tom is dead or not... but I assume there won't be any tools by him anymore? Like Lime and Lemon?
    6 years ago

    Does anybody still have this version somewhere? That's the only version to extract official xanim. I know it's cheap but please help me out...
    6 years ago

    I was wondering if anybody has the weapons file of BO2, I started working on modding again with BO2 guns but I want to have the official stats, and can give it to me on skype because here you cannot share raw assets.
    7 years ago

    I was going to get back at modding some shit but I got a new computer and don't have lime and I cannot download from tom's site anybody can give me it please? I'd really appreciate it! Has to work for BO2.
    7 years ago

    I want to share my first gameplay because why not. It's a gameplay video on the map The Giant on BO3. It's nothing good but not horrible (it was in the middle of the night and didn't have much concentration anymore). Before you watch read the following text:

    I'm Dutch, I'm not very good in talking English and gaming at the same time. My English can suck sometimes. I know that. No need to hate me for that. If you have any tips for me then I'd like to hear them from you. Just maybe a fail attempt but just wanted to share it.
    7 years ago

    I am finally working on adding guns to other maps, for example I got the thundergun in COTD. But some guns doesn't work for a reason. For example, when I add:


    I get this error:

    Weapon zombie_m1carbine_upgraded attachments in the wrong order in name. Changing to zombie_upgraded_m1carbine
    Can not create merged weapon zombie_m1carbine_upgraded.  Too few attachments, must have at least two.
    failed loading 'sp/zombie_m1carbine_upgraded' of type 'weapon' found in source file '../zone_source/mod.csv'

    It happens with almost all WAW guns, also with some DLC WW's, but it doesn't happen with every gun. The creek_knife from SP does work, the thundergun does work. The flamethrower does work (even though it's just a buggy gun), but things like the BAR, M1 Carbine Upgraded, stielhandgranate etc. doesn't work.

    How can I fix this or is this a problem because it's a DLC gun and not in the weapons folder?
    7 years ago

    I decided to take a break with WAW modding and to continue with BO modding. The guns are all working great. I can use the console on a trainer to give me the guns. Cool? Yes, however:

    My edited script files don't work. I'm modding Call of the Dead, and I edited my _zombiemode_coast.gsc with this:




    Also I added:


    To load the thundergun script. This should make the thundergun properly working, right?...

    This is my mod.csv:


    I ticked all files (my custom maps/ folder with the scripts and the clientscripts) and build the mod. Followed the steps from Rollonmath's tutorial. But ingame, the text 'test' doesn't appear and the thundergun doesn't work. Shoot on George? Nothing. Shoot on zombies? Nothing.

    I feel like I'm getting close to where I want to be so I hope somebody can be of assistance.
    7 years ago
    I finally managed to spawn a model in-game (for spawning perks in existing maps) but I can walk through them.

    I now got:

    model = spawn("script_model", (-158.182, -294.875, 1.125));
    model.angles = (0, 180, 0);
    model setmodel("zombie_vending_revive");

    But I can walk through the perk. How can I make it so you can't walk through it?
    7 years ago

    I'm making a MOD for Verruckt and I'm replacing guns. I hit the 1600 sound asset limit so I decided to comment all sound includes out of my .csv I had to make. I commented every line in weapons.csv. I removed every gun from the .csv. I added the sound includes in my ignore file. But after all, no luck and still the 1600 sound asset limit.
    7 years ago
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