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Messages - smasher248

Yeah it only gave this error with the mega one cuz it had an unknown publisher,I don't know what was up with the Mega one but it was really missed up,good that it got fixed now
It was just an internal build with debuggig enabled, can fix it by setting dvar "td"  to 0
1 year ago
I have the exact same problem,it just forces all dev options on the console for me,I tried forcing it to developer 0 but it just goes back right to 1,it also keeps forcing my fov to 72,i try to change it to 90 and it just goes back to 72
EDIT:Found the problem,don't download the map from mega,download from Google drive,the mega one has those weird problems and every time I install from it it says that my pc protected from it(and I would just press run install anyways)I am not saying that the mega one has a virus,there is just sth wrong with it
Cheers, wrong link copied from my mega uploads, - fixed now,  no idea on the PC warning though, exe is still the same.
1 year ago
Im having a problem where there are boxes around entities and text on both sides of the screen, am I supposed to see this?
Weird, you shouldn't see that, please try re-downloading and reinstalling
1 year ago
Hey! Fantastic map, love it. But MAJOR game breaking issue. Playing with my friends & whenever we pack a punch our guns just disappear and we can't buy or do anything after until we die and get picked up. Any ideas? Thank you!
Cheers for that, fixed now, issue was knuckcle crack weapon was not called in mod (somehow),. This broke weapon pick up script that waits for kuckle crack to complete before trig is live.
2 years ago
boring until round 8 i told u to make the zombies sprint a little
Don't quote the original topic ffs
2 years ago
3 hits is gone be on here because that would be fun to see.
It never had 3 hit
2 years ago
Clipping fixes
New path from Stamin up to main theatre
Weapon balances
Model LOD fixes
Lighting changes
Player teleport angle FX
Perk Price Balance
2 years ago
Dead Links :'(
It's a five year old post, from a user that hasn't been active in  four.
2 years ago
I joined in 2013 to publish my Asylum map, had no idea there was actuallty a community, I thought it was just a publishing site for maps lol. Had a lot of good times over the years
2 years ago
friend I liked your map but I wish you could let me put the r_fullbright command because my computer is very bad :(
Can't do that without enabling chetas, so not possible I am afraid.
2 years ago
the devmap name is: n
I am not kidding:
(Image removed from quote.)
Why would you be kidding? That won't help, cheats are not avaiable
2 years ago
You need to add the image to your mod/images folder and check it in IWD in Launcher
2 years ago
Upon loading the mod to play, i got an error : Exceeded limit of 1600 'loaded sound' assets . From what iv'e seen with the reviews it seems like i am the only one that has this issue so I could have made a mistake while setting the mod up, but i just wanted to post about this in case there is a way to fix it. :) (also please remove my other post because i dont know how i posted that)
you need to install t4m, it can be found here:
2 years ago
This is a patch for PS3 Der Riese.

Patch Changes:
Weapon view bob
Double damage with Double Tap
Wonder Waffe health fix
Adds some Verruckt sprinters in later rounds
Bleedout time increased to 50 seconds
BO1 knife fix
Zombie Grabbing (fix applied but doesnt seem to work)
FOV 72

To apply this mod, you will need a jailbroken PS3 and the file will need FTP'd to DLC3 location in HDD0/game/[game id]/dlc3/english
2 years ago
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