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Messages - smasher248

friend I liked your map but I wish you could let me put the r_fullbright command because my computer is very bad :(
Can't do that without enabling chetas, so not possible I am afraid.
3 weeks ago
the devmap name is: n
I am not kidding:
(Image removed from quote.)
Why would you be kidding? That won't help, cheats are not avaiable
3 weeks ago
You need to add the image to your mod/images folder and check it in IWD in Launcher
4 weeks ago
Upon loading the mod to play, i got an error : Exceeded limit of 1600 'loaded sound' assets . From what iv'e seen with the reviews it seems like i am the only one that has this issue so I could have made a mistake while setting the mod up, but i just wanted to post about this in case there is a way to fix it. :) (also please remove my other post because i dont know how i posted that)
you need to install t4m, it can be found here:
1 month ago
This is a patch for PS3 Der Riese.

Patch Changes:
Weapon view bob
Double damage with Double Tap
Wonder Waffe health fix
Adds some Verruckt sprinters in later rounds
Bleedout time increased to 50 seconds
BO1 knife fix
Zombie Grabbing (fix applied but doesnt seem to work)
FOV 72

To apply this mod, you will need a jailbroken PS3 and the file will need FTP'd to DLC3 location in HDD0/game/[game id]/dlc3/english
5 months ago
Not much of an update but techincally new geo

6 months ago
Patch again lol - Thanks to NG for bug fixes, sounds fixes and testing
Patch Notes
Patched game breaking bug where SRE occurd when any player hit in COOP due to dialgoue func
Fixed Double Points/Insta Kill Hud
Cleaned up main theatre zombie spawn rooms
Cleaned up more weapon file stats
Fixed portal cell
Geo changes & fixes
Clipping swapped from terrain to brushes
Again, loads of other fixes i didn't log over passed 3 months

6 months ago
Looks cool man, keep up the good work.
7 months ago
13157person creates acc, uploads this then leaves...May aswell delete topic.
Meh, nothing inherantly wrong with the map, I will just leave it to get buried in the topics list.
8 months ago
Another patch on this map(lol). Cleans up the Gspawn that could occur in previous build & a load of other stuff
Patch Notes - November 2021
Gspawn fixes - Essential
Terrain clipping updated to brushes
Portalling fixes
Weapon ballances
Tomahawk SRE fix
Intro cinematic clean up
Sound fixes for Teleporter
Removed buggy Fire Sale
Fixed Gersh bugs
Increased PaP price
Added Little Bird turret as stage turrert
Added Auto Turret to Speed Cola room & Alley
Bunch of other stuff cause again; I didn't log it

9 months ago
Been a bit preoccupied, but here's an update:
side note: I find it funny I have upgraded my OS twice since my last update on this topic
10 months ago
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