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Maybe it has to do with OpenMenu() and CloseMenu() function names. iirc, those were the names of the functions you would call to open a .menu file. That's probably what's causing the crash.
1289 days ago
Its not bad, but definitely not what old Metallica was
I still think it beats Load and Reload, save for a few tracks.
1486 days ago
I would set it up as a projectile weapon, and write the script revolving around that concept.
1488 days ago
Progress :)

(Image removed from quote.)

Oh fuck, I forgot I made that HUD. It looks great in-game!
1490 days ago
Maybe BO1 Reflex has different UVs
1498 days ago
1500 days ago
Estimated Release: Tomorrow Evening at 5:30PM whatever fucking timezone I'm in.

GMT: -0;+0
1532 days ago
I mean, it's a whole album, but still.
1543 days ago
Recently picked up Alkaline Trio jams
1559 days ago
Nobody is just going to write up the script for you. You have to put some effort into it, otherwise you'll never learn. Read other scripts Treyarch has written for the methods I've already described. You should learn a lot just from reading.
1580 days ago
I'm not gonna spoon-feed this.

// Make use of the SetMoveSpeedScale() function to slow down the player
// Do this when in a trigger radius or in a certain predefined area
// Once they are no longer touching the trigger or are no longer in the area, reset the move speed scale to what it was prior to entering.

By doing that, you should have the core functionality of the mud present.
1580 days ago
I have no idea what you're talking about, do explain.
I think he's referring to g_spawn
1593 days ago
Well the prob is that most are 150, some are 500, some are 230. To do it right I prob should have one for each, but that one that I'm using kind of works for all, just with the gun unfortunately.
You would need to have an anim for each one. Tbh, I'm surprised Treyarch didn't make looping fall anims and jump in/jump out. It would be easier to manipulate if it were that way.
1600 days ago
I tried to make a mod for Shangri La and added a few weapons and Working Hellhounds but comes up with these

I get this when I load too many fxs through script - remove some level._effect["fx"] declarations.
1610 days ago
players[2] giveWeapon)"weapon3");

The game simply ignores it as if it doesn't exist or something. I've tried to fix it myself by adding a few things, but always end up with bad syntax's.

Should be
players = getplayers();
for(wow=0;i<players.size;wow+=0) {
   players[wow] giveweapon("thundergun_zm");
   players[wow] iprintln("The gods have given you a Thundergun");

You had a backwards parenthesis. That's why it broke.
Sorry if I was late. I was sleeping.
1615 days ago


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