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Amazing Map :)
+ 1 respect for you
Thank you
695 days ago
clickbait  ;D ;D ;D ;D
1157 days ago
thank you for your reply jswanson3d
1221 days ago
oh :(
1221 days ago
1279 days ago
is this dead ?
1284 days ago
worth the wait
1284 days ago
4 panzers after activating washing machine is way too savage to me , gonna play when Im better or not solo   :-[
1301 days ago
amazing mod thank you
1475 days ago
do diner ,someone already made farm too xd
1524 days ago
whippytrout will only release the map when he will get 200 respect points ... +1 from me

I have kept my promise  ;)
1525 days ago
first of all, why are 2/3 mine?
second thats not promoting, thats showing off the map/mod in a video form, not just a link to the channel itself.

I don't see that as a big difference
1541 days ago
Please refrain from promoting any accounts like Twitter or YouTube on a release thread. You can directly exhibit these links on your UGX Profile instead ;)

Then look at other map releases , they as been a lot of promoting on accounts like Twitter or Youtube ",14863.0.html,14090.0.html,6039.0.html

1542 days ago
1543 days ago
ok good news  you are back to work and fine
1557 days ago


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