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available all week ( during 10pm to 12pm EASTERN  )
1320 days ago

 ,so I tested the map for 1 hour ,
pretty damn good
the solo quick revive has some bugs ,
 the zombies are waiting in front of me ,
 and the weapon when  down dont kill well
1321 days ago
omg best map since a long time ! Testing it right now :)
1321 days ago
keep it up with the updates we like it !
1326 days ago
josemassacre , too easy , you laptop has a hard drive , take the hard drive plug it in your desktop and you have the files :)
thank me later
1326 days ago
omg those animations and effects !!! I have never seen that much  in a custom map !
1326 days ago
tell me if you need help for testing
1328 days ago
you are right ! WhippyTrout you are the best !
1328 days ago
nice work keep it up
1341 days ago
Keep it up !
1342 days ago


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