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yeah im going to, i'm detailing it a bit and building the whole map, then going back and detailing it again lol.

Nice  :D
1297 days ago

Difficulty: Intermediate/Hard
Map size: Small/Medium

I think every map published on this website should include this
1297 days ago
whippytrout will only release the map when he will get 200 respect points ... +1 from me
1297 days ago
why does the beds go through the walls of your room?  :please:
yes the beds on the top walls xd
1300 days ago
Been busy with a lot of stuff regarding this mod, I'm just not posting about it on here because I want to keep at least some of it a surprise for people! One thing that I've been recently working on is taking pieces from various weapons and putting them together to make all new weapons, ones that I've never seen in any mod for WaW. Definitely not spoiling any of those!  ;)
ok dont spoil us  ;) keep up the good work
1304 days ago
proRevenge is there a reason why the view is all black with the shield on ?  Nevermind I found the reason it only happens when the fov is over 80 . actually I retested it , it does that close to the power outside only
1304 days ago
OMG ' YOU MADE MY DAY !!!  :nyan: +1 respect
1305 days ago
CNN oups  ! I mean C.H.N
1308 days ago
Your country looks like a chocolate bar :rainbow:

1308 days ago
Nice update CNN ! Cool to see your updating your map , a lot of mappers keep their map non-updated  :) 100 respect now aha
1308 days ago
I can at what time ?
1316 days ago
How long is it gonna take for this map to be finished?

dont put pressure
1316 days ago
 whippytrout can you put newer versions of the screenshots since you are not using ugx mod anymore ?
1317 days ago


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