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Hey whippytrout , do you have a date in mind for the release ?
1458 days ago
thank you prorevenge , I like when people upgrade their map one year later ,  it just prooves how dedicated you are to your map
1461 days ago
1462 days ago
I have tried the alpha and it seems pretty good , but pretty laggy , do your best  (my computer sucks : geforce gt 620 )
1464 days ago
Thank you for the information   :)
1542 days ago
I found a glitch , when you are down in solo you can change your down weapon with a weapon from the box and then you will get three weapons
1542 days ago
I made it to round 8 , its a fun map and I know its your first map  , but here some  bugs I  found :

-No lightning upstairs  (guns, box and pack-a-punch is dark)
-Zombies are glitching upstairs

and I have a question : how much time it took you ? (cause I wanna do a simple map too ;) )
1547 days ago
This map is the best zombie custom map ever , even maybe the best zombie map in COD HISTORY  (better than treyarch's maps)

 :) :)

Thank you , very much
1551 days ago


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