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doesnt Work

MASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSIVE difference in something not working and you not knowing what you're doing. Don't blame his product. Like the only possibility in your head is it's everything but you.
1394 days ago
graveyard is one word xD

It's a Title, anyway it's done is correct.
1496 days ago
I changed the map to three wall guns to make it harder due to people complaining about the easiness of the map. In what way did the update make the map unplayable? :/

Because of different mods, maps , misc for Cod mods I first suspected something in my files that prevented functional map. If 3 is what meant to be there now, this part is correct, no problem :)

Same goes for a complete power switch, I searched every reachable crack, crevice, junked vehicle. up,down,left &right. As many rounds, time i spent searching. So far as to fall out of the map.
I seen comments of others not finding it, and you say keep looking but D~YAM! XD
(never know with custom maps so i could of missed a million possible places)

Nothing negative about the map, or your work though it's all awesome. I was mostly inputting on things in the case that enough seemed to have an issue and wasn't just me.
1575 days ago
Well it's not exactly realism mod but similar is Arcade mode found on most maps
1579 days ago
Heeeyyyyyoooo All.

I'm Khedryn, or Kyle.
I been into Computers & Technology for over 15 years. I'm 28 years old I guess...

 I've been answering a lot of my own questions , learning even more just going through posts and maps info.
Along with some personal friends been enjoying all your amazingly awesome work within the maps and mods.
(Conceptualizing our own map ideas along the way.)
I've Scripted and modded for Diablo 2, Grand theft autos and various other games.

A Short list of handy proggies I hope to become useful to a lot of you.

After Effects
Sony Vegas 11/13

Some of countless things I am capable of.
I'm in between rebuilding my main machine so I hope to be fully operational.

Thanks and have a great day!
1579 days ago
Try this, if these aren't suitable look u your Mobo specifically.

And you can remove a Bios battery, at times it is necessary to do so. To have Bios/CMOS reset. you remove battery with power cord undone from PSU. than click your power button to drain remaining energy throughout system. Before reinserting battery.

1579 days ago
Great map!

Has anyone found the Wire in the 1.1? Also is there only suppose to be 3 wall guns now?
I went 2 1/2 + hours in over 20+ rounds, I scrapped the entire map. even spots I shouldn't of been. Ending up at bottom of map  :lol:

Update made map unplayable in a sense.
I'll love to play it on 1.2
1579 days ago
Currently Playing " G Eazy Been On, while watching MajorPwnege's signature dancing lol.
1580 days ago
Looking awesome!
*I like the monkey bomb icon.
1580 days ago
A machine is built, tested, and later rated as the product is.
The larger PSU replacement is now creating more heat than the machine was tested/rated at.

A Proper/Efficient cooling system is crucial for anything especially a powerful machine. Even a stock machine becomes more powerful if you were to cool it 10-30 Celsius. Even though not physical. Heat is disruptive and bogs shit down. Cooling makes systems work much better un-interrupted.

This will also extend the life & durability of every component in the system.
1599 days ago
Hi, i just wanted to see who else is playing bo3 on a laptop, as it seems most people are running it on a high end desktop, saying that laptops are not good enough :P

Laptops were created for a reason. recreational use 'gaming' was not one of them.

The capabilities and power (The entire purpose) of a graphics card chipset extended into a motherboard gives the computer the ability to display. Laptops cannot. (Well, now they have USB enabled PCI-E docks for laptops Woo!)
However think of a laptop's GPU "Chipset" as a synthetic graphics card.

Same difference between Flash memory compared to other types
Only reason they started beefing up laptops to be 'ABLE' to play games is because people wanted it, people buy it. doesn't make it a good idea.

Even though I COULD I wouldn't use a Tank in a street race.
1599 days ago
This can be caused by countless reasons. Without me knowing any more information about your situation.
Most common would be.

1: You're running on a laptop?

2: Desktop with no video card / outdated graphics card / outdated or bottle neck drivers.
3: The outdated underpowered card cannot run the 100% graphics setting. which display incorrectly
4: Before you ventured into adding custom maps. Where the Original game's maps displaying correctly for you?
5: Not every custom map is designed as thorough. I.E. even basics like Crouch/Prone/Common animations aren't a thought for the mapper. So graphic/texture changes like Specular maps or any other variables don't exist in game so the intended effects of certain settings technically don't exist in any given map. Creating these problems.

Include more information. About your system specs, video card, operating system. Is it steam/cracked/disc CodWaw.
1599 days ago

Thanks for the great theme! ever since Ash Vs Dead. I'd been wanting this.. Downloading :)
1600 days ago
In my experience. Unless it's been officially announced "Not happening right now" Or whatever conceivable reason to have been postponed. I'd hope for you guys waiting so patiently that the DLC wouldn't exclude their latest ZomBaby.
I can't pretend to know how they approach official release of information with such anticipated content these days.

Although the threat of a more "Sophisticated" Phisher (The more realistic fraud emails *No sparkle and star gifs* lol)
Would be all over baiting such content many would not hesitate to jump right in. I fully expect in this case they would get Email>Psn>Personal info.

 I hope it's real though :D

1600 days ago
A: The exploration of new maps & experiencing hands on amazing creative ideas come to life, pushing the bounds of what we thought possible within 'Zombies.'

2: Coming across Maps that have been made with an idea you were daring to dream of.

1617 days ago


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