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How would i go about adding custom weapons to create a class in multiplayer?
1368 days ago
Welcome hope u have a great time!
1372 days ago
Lets say I dont want to include them into the box
I think hes using some sort of custom weapon pack or just wants to remove let's say ppsh from the box u can do this in your share/raw/gamedata/weapons/zm/zm_levelcommon_weapons.csv just play around with the values for ppsh for example
1372 days ago
Wut? custom weapons? u need to put thoose in to your zm_levelcommon_weapons.csv u can find this inside share/raw/gamedata/weapons/zm
1373 days ago
Here is craftdanimations wall weapon tutorial no need to use triggers for that
1373 days ago
Looking good pal unfortunately music gave me aids  :alone:
1374 days ago
getting sounds in mod is a little more complicated but i can try to help you when i get home :please:
1375 days ago
add all of your guns in the zone file the zm_mod and then compile and link and give your self the weapon
in zm_mod
1375 days ago
So i want to port the fg42 from waw to black ops 3 but when i export the .ma it dosen't give me eny of the images i have the mod tools and i have pressed the converter buttom.
1379 days ago
Remove player like this
player zm_perks::give_perk( PERK_WIDOWS_WINE, false );

zm_perks::give_perk( PERK_WIDOWS_WINE, false );
1384 days ago
It just lets me spam buy it even if i already have it
1385 days ago
Your not suppose to see them in radiant there script_noteworthy and script_model define what perk it is  ;)
1386 days ago
Yea i understand that but if u check my speed trigger u can se that i use
thread speedmode()
1389 days ago


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