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To make the trigger disappear after you use it, you need to do trigger delete(); or trigger TriggerEnable(false); (True will enable it again.

Also I am not too familar with changing dvars via script on BO3, but to use the cheat via console you need to do /god, so maybe you just need to add the / before god in the script.

where should i add the TriggerEnable(false);?

Double Post Merge: November 22, 2016, 10:06:45 pm
thanks dust tho i still can't get god mode working
1717 days ago
I made this script when i was board but it dosen't give me god mod
and when i buy it the trigger dosen't dissaper like it still says press f for god mod
thanks for eny help
function givegod()
trigger = GetEnt("GetGod", "targetname");
trigger SetHintString("Press ^3&&1^7 For GOD MODE");
trigger SetCursorHint("HINT_NOICON");
GodCost = 1000;
trigger waittill("trigger", player);

if(player.score >= GodCost)
player zm_score::minus_to_player_score(GodCost);
trigger PlayLocalSound( "cha_ching" );
ModVar( "god", 1 );
trigger PlayLocalSound ( "deny" );
1717 days ago
ok bro
1718 days ago
open the anim file in notepad ++ replace j_gun with tag_weapon
1718 days ago
even tho i have included all my guns in both zm_mod and mp_mod and compiled them when i load multiplayer it just loads loads loads loads :-\
1719 days ago
u haven't dragged in toms plugin in to your maya plugins folder
1742 days ago
You would need to script them yourself as tryarch hasen't included eny scripts expect the ones from the giant
1743 days ago
so i saw another post about this he had apparently fixed it using a script called _clienttids.gsc
so i added it to my scripts zm in my mod and the script looks like this
   // this is now handled in code ( not lan )
   // see s_nextScriptClientId
   level.clientid = 0;

function points()
    players = getplayers();
    for( i=0;i<players.size;i++ )
        players.score = 500000;

function on_player_connect()
   self.clientid = matchRecordNewPlayer( self );
   if ( !isdefined( self.clientid ) || self.clientid == -1 )
      self.clientid = level.clientid;
      level.clientid++;   // Is this safe? What if a server runs for a long time and many people join/leave
      level.player_starting_points = 500000;

but when i launch the game nothing happens
yes i have tried adding leved thread points();
1750 days ago
Yeah i have this problem to i need to know how to make upgraded versions for my mod i already have ported 5 weapons :(
1752 days ago
Is it possible enyone good at gsc could write up a thundergun script to me already have the gun ported
1755 days ago
for some reason when u create a "mod" tryarch dosen't give u a starting template

Double Post Merge: October 12, 2016, 07:25:08 pm
CAN i have original poster so i don't have to wait for hitmanvere evrytime
1758 days ago
title says it all
1758 days ago
at this point just reinstall mod tools seem to have way to meny problems xd
1762 days ago
So when i port a weapon evry anim works except ads_fire when i ads and shot the sight disappears until i stop shoting then it goes back normal think the problem is caused by something i did wrong in maya
1762 days ago


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