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Oh my, this is exiting and I love the killing floor hud. Looking tasty
652 days ago
Bless you whippy, bless you
1332 days ago

Double Post Merge: June 05, 2017, 02:38:25 am
It's out :D
1332 days ago
Trailers are stupid. Just upload the map. Pls im beggin
1332 days ago
Tell your friend to hurry up. We don't have time to wait for such a master piece.
1332 days ago
Great choice of characters man. I dont know who to love more :P
1333 days ago
Trooper94 you are now my waifu. That is really all I can say. Oh and also very happy to see this released, I'm proud of you.
1391 days ago
you're awesome  :D
1448 days ago
Sadly I can't play today or tomorrow but I might be able to get on friday. Sorry to disapoint you Tomi  :'(
1448 days ago
If you ever need any more help testing anything, don't forget about me tomi, im always here for you. :poker:
1453 days ago
Sorry for this but the hype levels are over 9000!!!!!!
1502 days ago
Comic Sans FTW!
1506 days ago
Ive been "part" of this community for a while but never really posted much. All I really did was read stuff on the forums. That's because I'm the type of guy that's pretty shy even on an internet forum. All that said I want to formally introduce myself. My name doesn't matter but you can call me MajorPwnege or Major. I would actually like to tell you more about myself but I don't really know what to talk about. I guess this is it for my "introduction". Hope this wasn't a bother to read and I hope that I could make some "acquaintances" on this site.
That's All, Bye
1544 days ago
very nice map but the monkeys dont work around the jugg room so thats it other than that the map sucks  :troll: :troll: :troll:
1556 days ago
I figured since Alcatraz was just down the road from the redwood forest, why not.  :D
More isn't bad
It's better
1562 days ago


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