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I think its better, when you dont know :poker:
I am now very very scared.
1170 days ago
I assume i being stupid for not knowing this, but what are cloakers?
1170 days ago
I recreated it and improved some stuff. (For example the fire).
(Image removed from quote.)
Now that looks way better.
1171 days ago
Full Ragnarok experience, you should make it as good as posible
1180 days ago

The map will be released either today or tomorrow. Look forward to it! :D
I've been lookin forward to it since this WIP began
1181 days ago
That never worked for me. guess my pc must just suck
1182 days ago
Wheres the new link
He said he took it down couse he forgot the mystery box

Edit: He just put it up
1187 days ago
They look beautiful.
1190 days ago
This is just amazing
1196 days ago
I like it, he looks better somehow.
1198 days ago
Nikolai looks cleaner somehow even thou there dirty-er in bo3, i think.
1198 days ago
This is just getting better and better! And im getting more exited everytime u post an update. Also i find it weird that no one has asked for a download link, people might finally start becoming less stupid
1208 days ago


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