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this looks amazing good job  :D
1036 days ago
how can i download it? or get it? :)
This is the work in progress section so there is no download until this map gets fully released
1050 days ago
This is pretty much finished, expect a release within a couple days :)
Can't wait for this masterpiece to get updated
1064 days ago
Hopeing i don't trow my pc out the window after playing this map.  :poker:
1066 days ago
Finally the wait is over!!!!
1080 days ago
Can someone tell me how to play this map. Couse everytime i load it up i get an error
1089 days ago
Looks fantastic, great, and amazing dude
1158 days ago
(Content removed from quote.)
This is just amazing dude i love you for this.
1158 days ago
Yay features and detailing!!!  :cute:
1163 days ago
This is going to be a very cool thing
1163 days ago
(Image removed from quote.)

Ok, fine.  Here is a thing.  An evil thing.
OMG that worries me. but in cool and creepy way.
1163 days ago
Im starting to think of you as a great person just becouse of this
1168 days ago
unless he re-skins them for the map (maybe re-skinned to be an Middle-Ages Assassin)
That would be cool
1169 days ago
They dont fit the theme of a castle
1169 days ago
um, no, lol :please:
For MajorPwnege1, A cloaker is a character for the game "Payday 2" and they are a enemy who sneaks up on you, and instantly kills you, regardless of what you had but, the catch is, they have low health for a boss, so if you hit them with the Double Barrel Shotgun, they would die (9/10 times)
And the last time we say these guys was on Halloween Town, and we were glad that they stayed there. But now, if he brings them back, it's gonna be fucking killer.

Oh those guys. im now even more scared
1169 days ago


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