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i just purchased ghost so i can get models. when i try exporting the models with lime64 i keep getting this error.
i havent used lime 64 that much so i have no idea what this means
1541 days ago
Whaaats Up Guys,
So im missing a ton of water textures  i only have a total of 9 available in radiant. If i check my materials i can see all the
textures, i have them there just not showing up in radiant. I tried removing some textures/materials from raw, thinking maybe its a limit issue and nothing. This happens every time i reinstall Fresh Mod Tools Not Sure Why? :(

The only thing i can think of to fix it is to have someone send me or post a .map file with the water textures on brushes.
Can someone quickly post a .map file with the water textures?

OR if you know of a different way to fix this i would love to know.

1653 days ago
is it possible to move a trigger here is a quick basic example:

example = getent( "example " , "targetname" );
example waittill( "trigger", player );
example MoveZ(500, 2);

anytime i try to move a trigger it doesnt work. is there a certain way this must be done?
1870 days ago
For the past few weeks ive been trying to figure out why when
example if i script  self PlayLoopSound( "fire_sound" );
 in game the sound stops after i throw a nade or when i switch weapons. Today i found out why this happens.

look here! This is code from zombiemode_tesla as soon as the player spawns in that code starts looping and is constantly trying to stop loop sounds everytime you switch weapons or throw nades even if the waffle/tesla is not in your possession.

This code was intended for stopping the "tesla idle loop sound" instantly if player tosses nade or switches weapons instead it stops all loop sounds.
 for now i commented out this block of code and it fixed my sound issue.  This works fine for me but i posted this just incase someone wants to make a fix for this issue.

thanks for reading

1877 days ago
i want to be able to walk up to a trigger and enter a code / four numbers of my choice using the keyboard on my pc.
my script is half way but the issue is i dont know how to trigger a trigger by pressing a curtain number or letter on my pc keyboard.
can someone give me a quick example?

 - thanks for reading :)

1889 days ago
 Ive been messing around with scripting lately and decided to try something kinda easy. I know there are tuts out there for something like this but im trying to make some of my own scripts for scripting practice and to better understand scripting.   I attempted to make a script so when players are touching a trigger multiple/radius it plays a custom loop sound. This script works but I am still learning when it comes to scripting so can someone please explain to me...

1. why with my code the loop sound stops when i throw a nade or switch weapons while in the trigger multiple?

2. How can i  make this script better? I know there is a better way of doing this. If i wanted to add another sound i would have to copy the code.


playsound = getEntArray( "playsound", "targetname" );
for( i = 0; i < playsound.size; i++ )
playsound[i] thread play_loop_sound();

while( 1 )
players = get_players();
player_touching = false;
for( i = 0; i < players.size; i++ )
if( players[i] isTouching( self ) )
player_touching = true;
players[i] playLoopSound( "tzp_generator_loop" ); // name of sound
while( player_touching )
if( !players[i] isTouching( self ) )
players[i] StopLoopSound();
player_touching = false;
wait( 0.5 );
wait( 0.5 );
1894 days ago
by: TheZombieProjectCOD
Atlas Labs, Takes Place At A Top Secret Atlas Facility Hidden In The Rocky Mountains!!!
Atlas Armory, Takes Place 5 Miles From Atlas Labs And Both Maps Have A Large Easter Egg That Ties Both Maps Together.
Atlas Armory was made with the extra rooms i had left over from Atlas labs that i decided not to use.  (btw thanks 4 voting on this)
I had some issues with my pc and i had to re install mod tools and lost most of my custom models , weapons, and custom textures,
it f-ing sucked  re installing and converting all the models and images  again. Thats why their was a delay on releasing.
i had over 40 custom weapons that i ported over the past year and i lost 90% of them. I can say i learned my lesson:) ill be making back ups more often. So before i release i have to port all the weapons and sounds again that i need for these maps, fix 3d printer, bit more detailing, add harrys perks, and install the boss. Then ill release a Beta to those that requested. thanks for reading and checking out my WIP. 


M.A.K.E.C E N T S - For  Some Scripts and Scripting Help 

yes i decided to add the suits :)

electrified generater trap that targets zombies

I think nova 6 crawlers would fit this map well?


** here is a few areas on the map.

1987 days ago
Chaos Mode 1.1 Billion Points!   

uploading it soon to
2135 days ago
**UPDATED On 9/25/14 - Almost finished map is 90% detailed now i just need to work on the easter egg, custom hud, tranzit zombies and perks.

This is my side map that I've been working on "TZP's Rucker Park" Takes place in Harlem, New York

Its 3am in the morning and the city has been taken over by zombies. People in the city decided Rucker Park's fenced in basketball court would provide good shelter from the zombies. Local survivors of the city barricaded and blocked off city streets around Rucker Park to keep the zombies from infecting the rest of the city! We can use the old tunnel systems built by the mercenaries to find a way in, your mission is to locate and extract any survivors and plant the nuke to put a stop to the outbreak! you will be notified with and extraction point after you have completed your mission! Good luck & don't fuck up!

2199 days ago
***Gat looks a bit different from the video I just added a updated pic.

My Channel

This is side project that i made in a few days  i ported the acid gat and redid the textures on it thank you Tom_BMX for gat anims.
gat kit ported and scripted by: Myself!

2243 days ago
Fastest Gungame! FLAWLESS Gameplay I wanted to make it more challenging so i did it without most perks! Revive Only
2273 days ago
I just uploaded this to my channel. What a great map this is. this map has great gameplay!!! Might Go For Round 100 Attempt On This Soon.

My Youtube:

Map Name: Zombie Library
2273 days ago
Here Is a little peak at a few areas of my map TZP's Hellhouse only about 50% done still need to detail the shit out of it! I decided to make this map for reaching 60,000 SUBSCRIBERS on youtube. My plan was to make only one map but ive i learned so much and i enjoy mapping so much that i decided to make several maps in the past 2 months but this is my main project i havent released any maps yet but i am maybe going to release this one first when its finished.

****Also im not the best at scripting i like to think my skills lie in porting weapons and models. so if someone would like to help with this project let me know better yet friend me on steam: TheZombieProjectCOD

****This map is not a remake of Buried*** its more like a buried style map with my touch to it! ***********

In this map i will have loads of stuff heres a list of some of that stuff i have done and what i need to have done!!!

1. I have the hillbilly from buried as a boss on my map but hes way to big i might remove him unless some1 know hows to make a boss stay in 1 area or zone!
2. All Custom Weapons (Done)
3. bo1 and bo2 Wonder Weapons - (Done)
4. Jet Planes! (Done)
5. Black Ops Chopper Gunner (Done)
6. Motd Mysterbox With Sounds (Done)
7. 10 step easter egg (70% done need a few more this scripted)
8. Custom buyable ending (Done)
9. 11 perks (Done)
10. wonderfizz (Done)
11. Origins or Buried Characters not sure what ones im going to do yet!
12. custom models (Done)
13. Mostly All Custom Textures (Done)
14. Animated Pack a Punch Camo! (Done
15. 3 different kinds of Buildables (Done)
16. Buildable weapon chalk with sounds like buried
17. Moving ghost / witch lady from buried in windows
19. Custom Hud
And More!!!!

****Now For things i need done if anyone wants to help.

Need help with the following before i release!
1. fire sale drop or packapunch drop - i do have the bo1 scripts
2. Bams turret script the link is broken of course
3. moving tank i kinda scripted this and for some reason the tank model is invincible ingame when i give it the targetname
4. i need help with adding looping sounds like rain and some other stuff i already have all the .wav files needed
5. script to make model and trigger disappear and reappear at the same time just like the scull easter egg on the map mob of the dead and abandon rocket base
i need it for a different reason though but its basically the something i need scripted!
6. i know theres some other stuff!

Some pics of a few areas of my map dont want to show off everything yet!
still need to detail the house with lights and some other things like i said maps only about 50 / 60 % Finished
let me know what u guys think so far!

(Click Image Enlarge)

2281 days ago


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