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i installed the mod tools on new pc but radiant 2d view is WAY TOO FAST in this pc, like i try to move the 2d plane a lil bit and i end up even outside the drawn lines ._. anybody knows how to fix this?
btw, it only happens when i use a mouse, when using the laptop trackpad it moves fine. but i isnt very practical
1687 days ago
maybe you remember "blackout project", well, that was an unfinished remake of diefreude, diefreude was my first map and it was kind of messy, then wine(blackout project) got a lot of love for all its bugs  :please: so im intending to make a decent map once for all, if you'd like to help(with weapons, sounds, scripting, anything) i will really appreaciate it :3 heres whats so far.

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

1905 days ago
i dont remember doing anything else than adding textures and then some fx's started to look like this
, anyone knows why this might happen?  :'(
1971 days ago
ok the problem is that rain fx collides with the skybox as you can see here

and at the floor level theres like 1 in 100 droplets hitting the ground

please someone help me i havent been able to fix this for along time
2053 days ago
well its easier to understand from an image

this happened with no apparent reason, plz help me /n\
2100 days ago

YAW Gameplay:

- ugx mod
- dig sites
- soul boxes
- ugx mod
- bank
- bo perks
- double tap 2.0
- electric cherry and vulture aid
- custom way for turning-on perks
- kino teleporter
- zip-line
- bam's ziplines
- auto turrets
- electric traps

- bluntstuffy
- ugx team
- bamskater(jei)
- i think it was aidan who made kino telep and electric traps

and i think thats all i remember, if you're missing please tell me.
2219 days ago
as title says i used ugx script placer and selected weather fx but as you can se in this pic the fx is played in the sky and the closer i get to the floor, the less the fx gets rendered. it used to be fine, the fx played correctly but suddenly this happened for no apparent reason  :-\ can someone help me please?
2262 days ago
i will keep details about the map secret by now but layout is nearly done, after that ill start will more detail, fx and gameplay  8)
btw. i added a zombie counter but it cant be seen cause i play in window-mode  :(

2298 days ago
>for lack of an introduccion<

the map has some bo2 models which you can get from cfg.



ps. i cant post it as an attatchment cause i always get an error
2373 days ago

ok you probably know wine was blabla it died then no one knew wtf. bugs. spam. yolo. hehe. but finally here it is xD
the map has some flaws, but it is totally playable in my opinion, so enjoy :D!!!

-bo quick revive
-vulture aid teleporter
-electric cherry
-cod ghosts viewhands
-black ops1 perks
-black ops2 perk shaders for stock perks
-double tap 2.0
-panzer soldat(by bluntstuffy :D)
- added custom weapons
- zappers
- weapon storage
- pavelow(chopper gunner)
-origins "soul chest"
-origins "dig sites"
-bank(not like tranzit)
-typewritter intro
-origins style headshots
- car ride
- elevators
- five teleporters
- free usable turrets
-random spawn weapons
- animated gifs
-very large map
-you can acces all the buildings

- Fatboy Pro(weapons :D)
- Jr-imagine(bo perks)
-blunstuffy(panzer, weapon storage, countless help)

for feature list and credits go to the wip thread :P
ps. if you are missing in the credits make me know please.
2407 days ago
ok so, im gonna start to work again on waw. im gonna make an small map in 1 month before i start to work again on wine(project blackout) here's two pics :P

map will have 5 - 10 weapons
origins box
just stock perks
and some secret stuff :P
2421 days ago
i have one problem
for some strabge reason some zombies can kill me in one hit even with jugg D: but if i survive that hit. then i get the heart pulse from when you get damaged but it doesnt go away it keeps playing for ever.

ok i saw the problem. when i buy jugg i can survive more hits but my health doesnt get regenerated D: after going to red i can die from one hit even without the screen being red.

ps. im using gcz perks :s

Post Merge: May 03, 2014, 04:39:13 pm
hello? .-.
2460 days ago
EDIT: ok i found that it was the
trig thread timeout(15);
which caused the crash but i cant understand why D: can someone tell me then how am i supposed to delete the trig in 15 seconds?

can someone tell me what might be causing the crash? :C it was fine some days ago and after adding some stuff and jei's bo zipline it started to give problems :(
num = 1;
org = self.origin;
trig = Spawn("trigger_radius", org, 0, 30, 100);
trig thread timeout(15);
    while(num == 1)
trig waittill("trigger",player);
        if( player HasPerk( "specialty_leadfoot" ) )
//player thread fill_ammo(org);
trig delete();
self delete();
num = num + 1;
wait 0.1;
wait 0.1;

wait time;
self delete();

Post Merge: April 24, 2014, 01:41:54 am
nevermind for some reason my timeout function caused my map to crash
2469 days ago
ok my map has hitted the 2400 image assets, how can i fix it?
also i want to completely remove the walther and some other weapons from my mao cause you still get them when using give all and they use valuable asset space, do someone knows how to?  :-\
2472 days ago
i have one problem with my electric cherry script. the script worls fine and dont do its effect until you have buyed the perk but once buyed if you die and get revived you still keep getting the effect on the perk as if you would still have it.
heres the code if somebody can help me :'(
#include common_scripts\utility; 
#include maps\_utility;
#include maps\_zombiemode_utility;

thread cherry_init();

for( ;; )
level waittill( "connecting", player );
player thread wait_for_weapon_reload();


self endon( "disconnect" );

self waittill( "spawned_player" );

for( ;; )
self waittill( "reload_start" );
if(self HasPerk( "specialty_fireproof" ))
self playlocalsound("mx_flash");
PlayFxOnTag( level._effect["dog_gib"], self, "tag_origin" );

level thread _Cherry_kill(self.origin);


target = getAiSpeciesArray("axis", "all");
  if(distance(pos, target[i].origin) < 150)
  //  if(!target.godtocherry)
  //if(target[i] isfine())
  target[i] thread zombie_death_bolt();

 self thread bolt_death_fx();
 playSoundAtPosition("mx_shock", self.origin);

self thread maps\dlc3_code::zombie_elec_death( randomint(100) );
PlayFxOnTag( level._effect["dog_gib"], self, "tag_origin" );
2474 days ago


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