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It doesn't. A good example of this is both C and C++ requiring a prototype to be declared before the main function whilst C is procedural and C++ is object-oriented. ;)

Just FYI: Prototypes should be declared in header files while writing C/C++.
oh  :o thanks, thats good to know xD
1827 days ago
just asking. do procedural or object programing has anything to do with the ability to write the main function wherever you like in gsc vs lets say in c++ having to at least write the prototype of a function above the main function so you dont get compile errors? :noob_asked_be_cool: xD
1828 days ago
well this worked:
Right click on the radiant .exe or the shortcut, go to compatibility and enable an option called "Disable display scaling on high DPI settings"
1830 days ago
i installed the mod tools on new pc but radiant 2d view is WAY TOO FAST in this pc, like i try to move the 2d plane a lil bit and i end up even outside the drawn lines ._. anybody knows how to fix this?
btw, it only happens when i use a mouse, when using the laptop trackpad it moves fine. but i isnt very practical
1830 days ago
i got this when i presseed it
keep clicking the plush signs untils theres no more sub sections.
1925 days ago
in your left list, select the "+ sign" to the left of the blue plane besides "mesh". there you can select the individual meshes
1925 days ago
Ah Custom Zombies - possibly the only online 'community' where a mutually beneficial and friendly relationship can turn into threats and litigation over a chat on Skype. Awesome :).
and you missed the golden age back in zombiemodding :3
1974 days ago
im not an expert but try adding a clip that surrounds the nodes(kind of a hallway and make it so there is space for at least 2 zombies side-by-side) until the window, also, in game there should be a red line(for the traverse) going from one side to the another, do the traverse works fine?
2012 days ago
So, I would need to add isDefined-statement in that line?
it would be a good idea, but make sure why it isnt defined, by default it should be set in zombiemode_powerups
2018 days ago
(Image removed from quote.)

Would be nice to know what cannot cast undefined to pool means, so I can fix other stuff as well :P
that a var inside an if  statement is undefined?
it seems that the var is set inside default _zombiemode_powerups at the begining of the script, maybe you removed it
2018 days ago
I can help you with the firing sounds if you'd like
that would be great man! lemme pm you (:
2031 days ago
added fog, wind and lightning with sounds and buildable pap! :D
2031 days ago
i once got weird lighting like that for setting "contrastGain" to higher than "1.3"
2034 days ago
thanks for your comments guys! :D i really appreciate it
btw do you like this new worldspawn settings?
2038 days ago
It definitely looks pretty, will there be an updated arsenal with those bug fixes? I personally enjoyed Project Blackout quite a bit, so I'm excited to see what's in store!
i focused on remapping, scripting gameplay and adressing most bugs as posible. by now all weapons have fire sounds, but are kinda crappy, so if someone wants to help with porting weapons it would be nice  ::)
2048 days ago


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