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Converting DUDV to Normal Maps

The Problem

Has your normal map been making your texture look weird from ripped models?

The main reason is because APE converts it to a DUDV map, causing what you rip is not the raw normal map.

DUDV map:

BAD DUDV map preview when imported into radiant as a normal map: (Why it looks weird on models)

Properly Converted Normal Map: (looks like the first DUDV map again in the preview)

The Guide

Method 1 (Thanks to HitmanVere)

1. Download GIMP from

2. Launch GIMP. Open your image.

3. Open Brushes Window if not already open. (Window > Brushes) In the brushes window, click the Channels tab and only have the Blue Channel highlighted.

4. In the main window, Colors > Invert. (If it still looks strange, try the green channel aswell.)

5. Now to save, click File > Export As... and go to the directory you want to save and click export. Note: Make sure the name before clicking export has .tif or .tiff in the name.

Repeat 3-5 for other images.

Method 2

1. Download GIMP from

2. Download the Normalmap plugin from

3. In the downloaded Normalmap archive, extract normalmap.exe to Installation Directory\GIMP 2\lib\gimp\2.0\plug-ins

4. In the downloaded Normalmap archive, extract all to .dll files to Installation Directory\GIMP 2\bin

Note: Installation Directory is normally C:\Program Files\

5. Launch GIMP. Open your image. Click on Filters > Maps > Normalmap...

6. Change conversion to "DUDV to Normal" and click OK. Your image should look like a regular normal map now.

7. Now to save, click File > Export As... and go to the directory you want to save and click export. Note: Make sure the name before clicking export has .tif or .tiff in the name.
Repeat 5-7 for any images you'd like to convert.

If anyone knows how to convert with photoshop or anything else, feel free to post here and I'll add.

Edit: With the latest Wraith update, this may no longer be needed.
1571 days ago
So I've copied _zm_magicbox.gsc into the script folder in usermaps/mapname/zm/scripts and added scriptparsetree,scripts/zm/_zm_magicbox.gsc to my zone but no changes are being made after linking.

Is there anything I may be doing wrong?
1573 days ago
I'm trying to make an FX as seen below, however in this example it's only seen from one direction and uses way too many elements, (about 1000)

So can anyone help me, make a similar FX, using less elements, and also need to know how to make it orientate with the model. (Example: With a oriented sprite, its always faces one direction, so if the model is angled differently, the fx doesn't orient itself with it when it should.)

Edit: I made a simpler FX, but if someone would still like to help me make one like this, let me know! :)
2032 days ago
I'm trying to make a looping FX move from joint A to joint B, disappear and go from joint A to B again repeatedly. How would I do this with script? :) Thanks for the help.

Edit: This is not for a gun.
2032 days ago
I'm trying to figure out how to make a scrolling sort of gradient texture but when I use sub layer scrolling, it looses it's transparency. Is it possible to make it keep it's transparency/alpha data?
2033 days ago
As far as I can tell, when I apply a sub-scrolling texture on a material, it seems to lose it's transparency, is there a way to make a sub-scrolling texture keep it's transparency?

Double Post Merge: August 19, 2014, 09:23:32 am
No one got any ideas?

Okay is there any alternatives I can go about this if the OP is not possible, like maybe making an unlit texture scroll somehow?
2350 days ago
Getting a weird bug here. Anyone know why?

2388 days ago
Does anyone know all the menu files used by SP/Co-op?
2394 days ago
I have a fence texture and when its touching a non-transparent texture this happens.

Is there a way to resolve this?
2415 days ago
I tried installing Black Ops font, i got this. It almost works.

I took the font files from Black Ops mod tools and the gamefonts_pc.iwi and implemented them, as well as including the necessary lines in mod.csv.


2430 days ago
I have two problems with me trying to loop sounds.

Problem 1: I've given the KVP's to my script_model (3 total) "targetname, magic_box_platform". But when I run this code,

platforms = GetEnt("magic_box_platform", "targetname");
platforms playloopsound("hellbox_loop_high");

And the sounds won't play. I tested playing the sounds on myself and the sound worked fine.

Problem 2:

I've given the box a looping sound at its location, but it doesn't play in its initial starting location, but works fine after the box moves once.

Where in zombiemode_weapons.gsc should I call the
pieces = get_chest_pieces();
pieces[2] playloopsound("hellbox_loop_low");

So it will play in the initial starting location? :)

All help is appreciated.


Problem 1 = FIXED

Problem 2 = Still a problem. :c
2447 days ago
Is it possible to get the black ops 2 raw sounds? (And port FX?)

If so, how would I go about this. If there is a tutorial for this that I've missed, link me. :)

And help is appreciated. Thanks!
2451 days ago
What is a good tutorial for porting black ops 2 models?

I know there is a few, not sure which is recommended. :P

Appreciate any help. :)
2453 days ago
I am wondering how would I change/add a weapon with weaponType "bullet" trail fx and impact fx. I believe I've seen this done by someone before with the mark 2. Any help is appreciated. I know how to do it with the weaponType as projectile, but the weapon doesn't have any penetration or extra points for headshots.
2465 days ago
In the stock scripts, they have an if/else if statement for every possible combination for powerups, how would I make it so it detects how many powerup shaders are active, and adjust accordingly?
2491 days ago


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