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by whippytrout
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Hey guys!

I'm polishing up my Alcatraz map with the little things and would like to add custom door sounds for when a player opens a door. I followed the swinging door tutorial on UGX's wiki here:

But for the life of me I can't seem to get the door sounds to work. I know all about converting sounds and how soundalias work so please don't go off on me about that. I also converted the sounds in Audacity the right way. I've done all of this a million times. I just for some reason can't get the door sounds to work.

If anybody has used the swinging doors tutorial and can help me out please let me know.


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I haven't tried this, but I'd assume it works.
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Only reason I haven't used it is because I'm too lazy to set it up for each door.

shit i thought this was the bo3 section, i shouldn't post at 7am lmao
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