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Just because the ssi was default_day doesn't mean you can't switch states. As long as you have two ssi's enabled then you can switch between them with scripts.
1286 days ago
Put this at the bottom of your main() function.

zm_powerups::powerup_remove_from_regular_drops( "minigun" );

And I believe for the Nuke you'd just replace "minigun" with "nuke".
1325 days ago
Workshop Link:

A small zombie map based inside an old German factory. Includes 8 perks, only stock BO3 weapons, and a couple small easter eggs to keep...
1371 days ago
I haven't tried this, but I'd assume it works.
Only reason I haven't used it is because I'm too lazy to set it up for each door.<...
1390 days ago
[code]function radio_message()
   trig = GetEnt("radio_trigger", "targetname");
   trig SetHintString("");

   trig waittill("trigger", player);
   player PlaySound("YOUR_CUSTOM_ALIAS");
        trig D...
1442 days ago
Just make a trigger_use near the radio and have a script on it that will play a sound when used.
1442 days ago


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