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If it helps, this is what the console looks like when I get the error :

----- Initializing Renderer ----
execing ragdoll.cfg from disk
----- Client Initialization -----
----- Client Initialization Complete -----
Trying SMP acceleration...
----- R_Init -----
Getting Direct3D 9 interface...
Pixel shader version is 3.0
Vertex shader version is 3.0
Shader model 2.0 code path is available.
Shader model 3.0 code path is available.
Using Shader model 3.0 code path because it is the best available path on this hardware.
Attempting 1920 x 1080 fullscreen with 32 bpp at 60 hz
Game window successfully created.
Using 4x anti-aliasing
Creating Direct3D device...

Error during initialization:
Unhandled exception caught

Hmmm. So I was looking around and it seems other people have a similar issue with Cod Waw. I found a topic here:,10865.msg120375.html#msg120375

Do you have the disc version of the game or the Steam version? If it's the disk you may have to use a LanFix exe.

Also make sure your game is up to date. If you have it on Steam then your fine but if it's not on Steam then you have to make sure your game is running 1.7. I saw a post here with your same error code:,15447.msg151890.html#msg151890

I hope that helps. You can always reinstall Cod Waw as a last resort. I've had issues with maps not starting the first few times but I just keep trying until they work. (neva surrenda!!! hahahaha)  I had to try Ragnarok 3-4 times the other night before it let me and my friends all into the game without getting a weird error like yours. Cod Waw is just a pain in the booty, but it's fun when you eventually get it working.

Let me know how it goes,

353 days ago
I've been having this issue where I crash at a random point....reinstalled windows couple time (not for this issues tho), got all my driver up to date and why does it crash specifically on "this map"... I also have t4m in the right place so nothing working for me

Hmmm that's weird. Does it crash at a certain point in the game every time? Or is it just random? I'm trying to figure out if it's something during the game that caused it or not. You can always verify your game cashe for cod waw in steam. You can also re-install Alcatraz. Maybe something went wrong.  ???  I've put this map through the ringer testing it under extreme conditions with massive amounts of fx and entities in order to try and crash it and couldn't get it to. My friends and me deliberately tried to crash it by screwing with all the settings and blasting wonderweapons full auto with endless clip lol. (Ah good times  :D)

I also tested on my crappy Walmart Dell laptop from 2010 and it ran on there (not very well fps wise lol) but it ran without crashing. It could be a T4M issue with certain OS or Hardware. I don't know hardly anything about T4M so I apologize. Like i said to some others, try lowering your graphics settings. I've always said Cod waw has a mind of it's own so just try anything. Maybe something will work.
364 days ago
Hey man, this map looks really cool and I want to play it, but every time I try to launch the game it says "unhandled exception caught". I have the steam version of the game and I put the dll file into my game directory. What gives?

It's gotta be something. Try changing your graphics settings to Manuel and then set everything to Medium. Then Apply it and restart the entire game. If that doesn't work then double check that you put the T4M .dll file in the right place. If that doesn't work download T4M again and put it in there again. If that don't work try Verifying your Steam Cache for Cod Waw. I believe you just right click Cod Waw in your Steam library and its in the properties or settings somewhere. If that doesn't work then you can reinstall Alcatraz, maybe it didn't install correctly.

I think one of those should fix it.
366 days ago

Thanks, I found out what it was, I had forgotten the LAN Fix, thanks for helping, great map by the way, good job!

Awesome! Glad you got it working. Thanks!  :)
376 days ago

I already downloaded it, but it does not matter whether I use it or not, it always crashes in the same place, and it is not only on this map, any map that uses the T4M crash in the opening of the mod or in loading.

If it crashes on all maps that use T4M then Call of Duty World at War is not using the T4M .dll file. You might have it in the wrong folder or place. Double check and make sure it's in the correct folder. Here is where it goes, make sure your's is is this location (Note you Cod Waw might not be in Steam if you don't own the Steam version):
379 days ago
Every time I try to launch the map my game crash, before even opening the mod menu. Is there any fix for this?

Make sure you download T4M in the original post and put the .dll file into your games root folder. I explain it in the original post on how to find it the easy way. T4M allows the game to exceed it's limits so big maps like this will run.
379 days ago
Hello! The map worked for my friend after what you told me could help and the two of us spent hours playing the map and completed the map!   :D
Screenshot I took of the win:

If I were a map reviewer I would rate this map 10/10 for how much creativity was put into it, I can't imagine how much time was spent creating this map. It just has that nostalgic feel of mob of the dead but even more was built off of it. I think my favorite bosses were Brutus and The Dark Rider just because you actually have to take them on yourself and you never actually know if or when you will go down but you keep trying anyway. The Easter Eggs on this map are absolutely insane and are so cool when finally completed, well done on this map Whippy well done.

Awesome! I'm so glad you got it working and beat it! I don't see a lot of people beating the map, great job. Yea it took a long time to make but was fun making and testing it. Did you happen to figure out the golden spork side easter egg? Or find the song for the map? Or find the funny jumpscares at the lighthouse?
381 days ago
Hello WhippyTrout. My friend and I want to play your alcatraz map together so badly, but we are unable to because his just won't work correctly. My version works perfectly fine but when he tries to play he loads in with lots of fps lag and his games textures start stretching and bluring, becoming unplayable. We have searched up ways to fix this problem and none have worked. Ex: getting a new common.ff file, cleaning up the mod folder, to even using console in an attempt to do something. We want to ask you for a fix if you have an answer to this problem. Remember, the problem he is having is his textures and world stretching everywhere and freezing up his computer. I really hope to hear from you for a fix for this and thanks for reading!

P.S.: If anyone else has a fix for this it would be much appreciated if you could help us or state a fix as well!

I'm sorry to hear that. I've been experiencing some texture streching too on several maps. You can try changing your texture setings to Manual in your graphics and set them to either low or medium, maybe high. Then apply amd restart your game. Changing that from automatic to manual should fix it. Just make sure it saves in your settings when you restart your game. See the problem is the T4M .dll file that allows maps like Alcatraz to be played past Cod Waw's limits. It has a bug with streching textures and that is the way to fix it. I hope that fixes it for you. Have fun
384 days ago
Stupid/Silly question, but since walking into the "showers" which kinda... caught me off guard. Are their jumpscares or anything... "really spooky" on this map? I'm asking cause I kinda have a paranoia problem with jumpscares (where unless im expecting them, i keep thinking one could pop out of anything. hard to explain)

Knowing for sure there are/are not jumpscares would really really help me.

There are no scary jumpscares. There is a funny one if you look at the lighthouse light though but you'll laugh more than be scared. That being said there are scary boss battles and easter egg stuff that is kinda scary if it catches you off guard but no flashing images with loud screams or anything. Good luck man. Just do what I do and keep a clean pair of underwear on standby.  ;)
388 days ago
i just downloaded this map today but i noticed there is no game sound

Lol make sure in your sound settings that your sounds are turned up. I dont think there's a way I could mess up the games sound. I hope you get it working and enjoy my map.  :nyan:
390 days ago
When I got back from pack a punch, the zombies started exploding everytime they died as if they were spiders from pack area, great map! I like it a lot but I don't know how to fix this?

Hmmm that could be left over remaining spiders that turn back into zombies when they return to Alcatraz. It shouldn't happen all the time because I turned off the PaP zone when you return. All you can do is kill all of them and then they shouldn't spawn with explosion deaths. Lol. They must have slipped through back to Alcatraz before I kill them off when you teleport back. Sorry about that, just keep your distance I guess.
401 days ago
Congratulations on the release of this amazing mod! Can't wait to see it in new maps.  :nyan:
413 days ago
Quote from: NoXiOuS
this is too good man, i love this and the team  :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :lol: :lol:
Wow, I'm downloading this now and it looks amazing. So much thought and dedication put into this project. I think you deserve a pat on the back.

Thanks guys! I put a ton of stuff in the map so explore away. I'm glad people are still playing my map.  :nyan:
431 days ago
i dont recall anything made in the past but im just saying this to ANY mapper that decide to make a map, instead of a 19th remake of anything like that try an original concept no matter how small or big, hell make a nach der untoten sized map but a remaster in 2018 feels already done and over with, but thats just my personal opinion hehe

I totally agree!! Pick a theme and go from there. Look at how the new BO4 maps are themed. They picked the Titanic and Gladiators for themes and built maps around them. I picked Batman back in the day and made maps based off that theme. Reading through history of treasures and legends can also spark ideas for maps and themes.
451 days ago
Sorry for the long post.....
If anyone who I negatively affected needs to say anything to me, please do, I don't know what else to say besides, a special apology to whippytrout, Your map is awesome and everything I had said was completely fueled my incompetency and dullness.

I'm sorry.

Thanks you for your apology. It takes a strong person to own his/her mistakes. Im glad you enjoyed the map and took the time to come back and right your wrongs. I forgive you man, we've all been through hard situations in life and have all been young and crazy once.
451 days ago


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