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Just because the ssi was default_day doesn't mean you can't switch states. As long as you have two ssi's enabled then you can switch between them with scripts.
1167 days ago
Put this at the bottom of your main() function.

zm_powerups::powerup_remove_from_regular_drops( "minigun" );

And I believe for the Nuke you'd just replace "minigun" with "nuke".
1206 days ago
Workshop Link:

A small zombie map based inside an old German factory. Includes 8 perks, only stock BO3 weapons, and a couple small easter eggs to keep people interested.

There are two musical easter eggs in the map, one Youtubers may get a copyright strike for, the other is a normal Zombies song.

-NateSmithZombies (Kino Teleporter, early round running zombies)
-reckfullies (Shootable easter egg)
-Me (Small easter eggs, slight edit of teleporter and shootable script)
-Wraith by DTZxPorter (for ripping out sounds and a few models)



1252 days ago
I haven't tried this, but I'd assume it works.
Only reason I haven't used it is because I'm too lazy to set it up for each door.

shit i thought this was the bo3 section, i shouldn't post at 7am lmao
1271 days ago
function radio_message()
trig = GetEnt("radio_trigger", "targetname");
trig SetHintString("");

trig waittill("trigger", player);
player PlaySound("YOUR_CUSTOM_ALIAS");
        trig Delete();
Put this at the bottom of your mapname.gsc and then somewhere inside of function main(), write
thread radio_message();

In Radiant you'll just need to create a trigger_use with the targetname of "radio_trigger"
1323 days ago
Just make a trigger_use near the radio and have a script on it that will play a sound when used.
1323 days ago
Why do you make multiple threads for every question you ask? Just use the mantle texture.
1324 days ago
Choose whatever music you want to add. Create a soundalias for it inside user_aliases.csv and make it looping here as well. Then in a script call it like so.

function bgmusic()
player playSound("YOUR_SOUND_ALIAS");
1326 days ago
The life of a custom map addict.

You could unsubscribe from at least half to remove all of the garbage that's been released.
1326 days ago
Put this:
level.random_pandora_box_start = true;

1326 days ago
Have you copied that file to your local scripts folder and added a scriptparsetree reference?

I'm confused on what this would do? The script is already not being used in my map but the powerup still spawns.
1328 days ago
Sounds like you deleted the zombie spawner. You need one in your map for the mode to actually start.
1329 days ago
In usermap.gsc it's already commented out by default, but it still spawns. How can I remove it completely?
1335 days ago
Post a screenshot of the problem area.
1349 days ago
function objectUse()
level.object = GetEnt( "object_name", "targetname" );
level.object_trigger = GetEnt( "object_trigger_name" , "targetname" );
level.object_trigger SetHintString( "Press ^3&&1^7 to do whatever" );

level.object_trigger waittill("trigger", trigger);
level.object_trigger Delete();
level.object Delete();

This should work. You can name the variables whatever you want. Just make sure that the targetnames match with Radiant.
1349 days ago


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