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If it helps, this is what the console looks like when I get the error :

----- Initializing Renderer ----
execing ragdoll.cfg from disk
----- Client Initialization -----
----- Client Initializatio...
354 days ago
I've been having this issue where I crash at a random point....reinstalled windows couple time (not for this issues tho), got all my driver up to date and why does it crash specifically on "this map"....
365 days ago
Hey man, this map looks really cool and I want to play it, but every time I try to launch the game it says "unhandled exception caught". I have the steam version of the game and I put the dll file into my game d...
367 days ago

Thanks, I found out what it was, I had forgotten the LAN Fix, thanks for helping, great map by the way, good job!

Awesome! Glad you got it working. Thanks!  :)
377 days ago

I already downloaded it, but it does not matter whether I use it or not, it always crashes in the same place, and it is not only on this map, any map that uses the T4M crash in the opening of the mod or in lo...
380 days ago
Every time I try to launch the map my game crash, before even opening the mod menu. Is there any fix for this?

Make sure you download T4M in the original post and put the .dll file into your...
381 days ago


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