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i'm sure because when a zombie is spawned the maxium is lowerd with -1, and when a mixed dog is spawned it's again lowered with -1. Before either one of those spawns it first check if it can spawn(It check if the maxium is higher than 0). Doesn't matter if it spawn first the zombie and then checks if it can spawn a dog and then spawns a dog.
1718 days ago
Yes because before a dog or zombie is spawned in a mixed round there is already a maximum enemies(Zombies/Dogs) defined. So for example the maximum enemies is 72. When a zombie spawns, 71 enemies still have to spawn(These enemies can be dogs or zombies). When a dog spawns, 70 enemies still have to spawn(These enemies can also be dogs or zombies). This will go on and on. Until it reaches 0 and no enemies will be spawned, then it will wait until all the enemies are dead and the next round will start.

My counter only grabs the maximum enemies that can spawn in that round.
1718 days ago
level.zombie_total = max;

your defining this twice in two different places




Yes. This is because when it's a zombie round this will get the maximum amount of zombies that spawn in that round and when it's a dog round it will get the maximum amount of dogs that spawn in that round. Because call of duty uses 2 different spawning function for dog rounds / zombie round i have added it twice. These two functions will never be called together in 1 round. So therefore there shouldn't be a problem.
1718 days ago
Uploaded a fix for the dogs, and the progress bar can't exceed it's maximum limit of 100%.
1718 days ago
Change the inside of the caulkbox to sky didn´t work, and also setting the contrastgain to 0.4 didn´t do anything.

I have found the problem..

Apparently i was using the concrete_wet texture and therefor it was shiny as fuck.
1718 days ago
Add caulkbox/lightgrid volume

That didn't seem to work. This is how the map looks like radiant:
1719 days ago

I have created a Default Map with the UGX script placer 2.0.1. After that i only changed the materials of the wall to concrete and added a sun. I did not move anything.

When i compile my map no errors show up and everything goes fine. But my map looks like this ingame:
1719 days ago
He means rounds, where there is both zombies and dogs, which use spawn_zombie thing, same thing as here:

ah alright, I only have zombies i my map so i haven´t tested it for dogs or other spawned creatures. I will make fix for it.
1720 days ago
You mean de dogg rounds?
1720 days ago
This is literally my first post on these forums >.> But I'm trying to make my first ever map/mod thing for Waw, and I can't really get this to work. But I did follow everything you said, I only don't get what you meant by including it all in the launcher... But to sum it up, in game, it doesn't show up. Any help is aprieciated ^^;

By include i mean you add the scripts to your mod, so they get loaded in game. Make sure your laucher looks like this:
1720 days ago
I'm not sure what the error means maybe it can't find your fx in the FX directory. The game engine of WaW allows you to play 2048 fx simultaneously. When you hit that limit you're probably ingame soo that's not the problem here.
1720 days ago
Did you also set the interval / life / looping and that kind of stuff?

look at this:

I did that other materials do show up as billboard sprite. Only the one i made myself isn't showing up.

Double Post Merge: November 18, 2015, 05:21:58 pm
Sooo i found the problem.. I think i accidentally changed the Eye Offset Depth to 11. Changed it to 0 and now it's working :)
1723 days ago

I'm trying to get a billboard sprite to work in effect editor, but my material isn't show up i have no idea why..

These are my Asset Manager settings for the material:

The image that i use for this is .dds image size(512x512).

When i add a new segment in EffectEd and load my material in the visuals nothing happends, not even if i change the size scale..
1724 days ago
Do you want when people play solo the price of quick revive is 500? and when they play co-op it is 1500?
1726 days ago


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