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I really need a new pc :p
1517 days ago
 In your raw/fx but i think you have to include those and precach them before you can use them.
1518 days ago
I have done this I mean, let me show you in a screenshot:
(Image removed from quote.)

I think I did this part correct, I mean, the counter does show up in game, it just doesn't count zombies, it just says 0 all the time.

If the counter shows up in the game then you have successfully included the _zombieCounter.gsc and started the main function of the script(Step 1 to 3). You probably have edited the _zombiemode.gsc and _zombiemode_dogs.gsc in your raw/maps instead of your mods/MODNAME/maps. So make sure you do step 4 to 7 correctly.
1519 days ago
I do not want to do this in playeranim.script, I want to do this in real GSC script.

I'm pretty sure you can't do that. On AI yes but player noway.
1521 days ago
i do not beleave yo can do this, just like viewmadols i assume that one model can't have more than one aim playing on it

It's possible on AI, but not on players by gsc so far i know. Because when you create a playeranimscriptevent on a player and you have defined your script event in playeranim.script and give it the torso value instead of both, the anim isn't playing unfortunately.
1522 days ago
I have rebuilt the mod, several times even.
But it didn't make a difference, sadly.

It's very important you copy your _zombiemode.gsc / _zombiemode_dogs.gsc to your wawroot/mods/MODNAME/maps and include them in your launcher! This means checking them in the iwd file list
1522 days ago
This map looks very nice man!
1524 days ago
If you include all your csv's in your mod.csv the only thing you have to is build your mod. No need for compiling.
1525 days ago
yes i know how playeranim.script works. ive got to call it as a rawfile and add all animaitons i put in it to the proper place in multiplayer.atr but can i use these in loops using waittill( "done" ); like mak.gsc has? and can i recall it with a different event and make it override the current event anim? and can i play torso only anims and have the original event anim still playing on the legs?

I have no idea, you should really try that out :p
1525 days ago
I have not used it before but i took a look at it..

Call of Duty World at War\raw\maps\mak.gsc
Contains "playeranimscriptevent" on line 7964 the following line:
player playeranimscriptevent( "mak_bomb_stand" );

Call of Duty World at War\raw\mp\playeranim.script
Contains "mak_bomb_stand" on line  2044:
event mak_bomb_stand
both p_bomb_stand_loop

p_bomb_stand_loop is a xanim in the raw/xanim folder

So think if you want use this, you hav to add the xanim name with the event name to playeranim.script include that in your mod. And in you gsc you can play the animation with:
player playeranimscriptevent( EVENTNAME );
1525 days ago
My english isn't very good, so i don't quite understand what you are saying but it works like this:

Almost every mod created with script_placer has 3 .csv files:
  • CODAWROOT/zone_source/MAPNAME.csv
  • CODAWROOT/zone_source/MAPNAME_patch.csv
  • CODAWROOT/mods/MODNAME/mod.csv

When you are compiling your MAP or MAP_patch and you have the option build fastfile selected the content of the .csv will be added to your fastfile of your mod.

This is how your fastfiles get updated from each .csv file:
  • Compiling your MAP with build fastfile selected will add the contents from CODAWROOT/zone_source/MAPNAME.csv to your CODAWROOT/mods/MODNAME/MAP.ff
  • Compiling your MAP_patch with build fastfile selected will add the contents from CODAWROOT/zone_source/MAPNAME_patch.csv to your CODAWROOT[/b]/mods/MODNAME/MAP_patch.ff
  • Building your MOD with build mod.ff selected will add the contents from CODAWROOT/mods/MODNAME/mod.csv to your CODAWROOT/mods/MODNAME/mod.ff

So when you're working on your map, and you don't edit your MAP_patch.csv there is no need for compiling your MAP_patch.

Same goes for when you are working on your map in radiant and you have changed something in radiant for example you added a wall or something. You only have to compile your MAP and not your MAP_patch or build your mod.

You only build your mod when you have made changes to included files that are in you CODAWROOT/mods/MODNAME/mod.csv. Or the files that are in your IWD File List.

I hope you understand this :P
1525 days ago
Cool share man.  ;D You may, or may not, up to you, want to add to compile the maps patch when changing or adding animtrees. At least I have to. I do things similar but use arrays in my main and thread functions for each set of models, with #using_animtree( "ANIMTREE" ); before the function for each... I've always put the animtree at the end, by chance, but had no clue that it mattered, lol, that is good to know.

Thanks man  :).

When adding it to your mod.csv(The .csv your launcher uses in the build mod section) you don't have to compile your map or map_patch, building your map is good enough. If you add it to your MODNAME.csv or MODNAME_patch.csv then yes you have to compile your map or map_patch depends on wicht csv youh have used.

When i was testing with this i didn't understand why it didn't work when i include first the xanim and then the animtree in my csv everything went fine. I'm not sure why this is.. :-\
1525 days ago
4 Functions for managing Animations on a script_model.

When using this script it's expected you already have the following things:
 - xmodel with bones.
 - xanim that can be played on the xmodel.
 - animtree that contains the xanims that can be played on the xmodel.
 - All of these (xmodel, xanim and animtree) should be included in your mod.

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.


    1) Download the script:!rEcXxIRL!Hlzq9LDFxY27vo5QzhS-upvwReL0x08SKo8eJfqIsv8
    2) Copy the script to MODNAME/maps/_easyAnimation.gsc
    3) Open MODNAME/maps/_easyAnimation.gsc you just pasted, and go to line 5. Change  ANIMTREE to the animtree your are using
//Define the animtree you are using.
#using_animtree( "ANIMTREE" );
    4) You can change the other settings if you want they are one line 12, 14 and 16.
// Note: If you are publishing your map, you should set them all to false.
//Errors are shown by default, change it to false to suppress them.
level.show_anim_errors = true;
//Warnings are shown by default, change it to false to suppress them.
level.show_anim_warnings = true;
//Information is hidden by default, change it to true to show them.
level.show_anim_info = false;
    5) Don't forget to include it in your launcher!, make sure you checked the script like this:
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

 1) Include _easyAnimation.gsc in your script, after that define your animtree again.

Example Script
#include common_scripts\utility; 
#include maps\_utility;
#include maps\_zombiemode_utility;
#include maps\_loadout;

//Inludes _easyAnimation.gsc
#include maps\_easyAnimation;
//Your animtree
#using_animtree( "cube" );
//This animtree contains the animation used below: %viewmodel_cube_rotate

//Get the script model
cube = GetEnt("cube", "targetname");

//Plays a looped Animation on the script model
cube play_anim_looped( %viewmodel_cube_rotate );
//The looped animation will be stopped.
cube stop_anim_looped();

//Plays a Animation only once on the script model
cube play_anim_once( %viewmodel_cube_rotate );

  • It doesn't matter wether your xanim is looped or not in asset manager it only plays once when play_anim_once is used.
  • Animation that are not looped in asset manager don't loop when play_anim_looped is used...

Having problems with including your xanim / animtree? Read this!
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

I hope this will help some people!  :) If you use this script don't forget to add me to the credits  ;)
1525 days ago


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