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hey zniic can you please upload that vid again without any musik? its unsavailable in germany due to the music you put in :(
2521 days ago
so i think i finally managed to get my map to work but it does now give me the error that it couldnt load the rawfile mptype/mptype_ally_urban_assault.gsc
it says it would be located in the _loadout.gsc at line 67 but i looked it up and it isnt there also the mptype file doesnt exist. i have the zct mod installed if that is of any help

thank you for your help already xx
2521 days ago
*lurk mode engaged* (wanna know that too)
2524 days ago
love the style of this almost looks like an original bo1 map :D hope to be able to play this soon :)
2527 days ago
i didnt even know that christmas is in june :DD
2529 days ago
there actually are fuseboxes but they dont really look like anything you are gonna want to have i guess
2530 days ago
so id like to ask to little things about transpacencys in radiant the first one is :
is it normal that, if i have a alphablend texture and a normal one overlapping and they are already snapped to the same grid that they are still like.. shimmering?
and the secound one:
is there a limit on how much you can blend out ?
is it dumb to use terrain patches for decals/templates and if yes what else to use?
thanks for helping already :)
2537 days ago
gotta love it :) im looking forward to the beta test of that userbar :)  <- could i even join it? :o
2538 days ago


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