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First off if any chat mods read this please lock the thread.

I really find it cool that you went ahead and put some time into making a custum zombie map Pretty cool dude!! (not even ironic here!). But you do need to admit that this map is lacking anything that would make it worthwhile. N...
7 years ago
As most of you have probably noticed already im not around as much as I used to wich has a fairly simple reason. I started studying architecture on university a week ago (Had to sort stuff out prior to that aswell tho).

The custom zombies community, especially UGX have been a really grea...
8 years ago
Today I finally found the time (and the motivation) to actually sit down and get some stuff done in preperation for the bo3 tool. It was the first time of me actually using the waw tools on windows 10 but everything seemed to work.

Until I tried to start the asset manager.

8 years ago
Uploading to steam workshop is one of the best thing that can happen to a modding community tho, just look at zombiemodding nowadays. You cant even download any of the older maps :(
8 years ago
Ive never really liked the render style of the current gen games but if there was half as much overshading that makes everything smooth as a baby butt, to the point where theres not a single sharp edge anywhere  makes IW look the worst looking out of all call of dutys (Compared what was good gr...
8 years ago
Good job now that poor guy just deleted his intire boxmap! 5 minutes of his life wasted for some stupid internet joke  :pffft:
8 years ago


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