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First off if any chat mods read this please lock the thread.

I really find it cool that you went ahead and put some time into making a custum zombie map Pretty cool dude!! (not even ironic here!). But you do need to admit that this map is lacking anything that would make it worthwhile. Now dont get me wrong your intentions mightve been great but be honest with yourself: This is just a test of what you can do with the tools at best. Noone will ever download this and think to themselfes "I deeply appreciate this map!". I suggest you dont let all the hate coments bother you for now and keep making maps for yourself and your friends but dont upload them unless you really think they are perfect, or unique in some way shape or form. Theres just too many people uploading maps that took them a couple hours to make and to be honest if it didnt take at least a month to make people wont enjoy it anyways
7 years ago
As most of you have probably noticed already im not around as much as I used to wich has a fairly simple reason. I started studying architecture on university a week ago (Had to sort stuff out prior to that aswell tho).

The custom zombies community, especially UGX have been a really great creative outlet for me and I´ve always loved talking about visuals, how some rooms would work out and such, and even to I never really released any map I still enjoyed working on all those broken prototypes.

Long storry short: A big THANK YOU to everyone I´ve been talking to on here for helping me find my motivation for creating content or rather for creating "places"!

I sincerely hope I get the possibility to create something with the bo3 tools for a project or just in my spare time but at the moment it seems like UNI is going to take up most of my time.

TL:DR  Hammy will be an architect because of you! <-Is that a good thing or not?!  :derp:
8 years ago
Today I finally found the time (and the motivation) to actually sit down and get some stuff done in preperation for the bo3 tool. It was the first time of me actually using the waw tools on windows 10 but everything seemed to work.

Until I tried to start the asset manager.

The only thing that happened was launcher throwing an error: FAILED TO EXECUTE: asset_manager

I tried to manually launch the asset_manager.exe from the waw bin and that put out an error aswell, something about invalid Side-by-Side Configuration. (No image due to german error message)

Since reinstalling the tools would be a massive pain any help will be greatly appreciated <3
8 years ago
Uploading to steam workshop is one of the best thing that can happen to a modding community tho, just look at zombiemodding nowadays. You cant even download any of the older maps :(
8 years ago
Ive never really liked the render style of the current gen games but if there was half as much overshading that makes everything smooth as a baby butt, to the point where theres not a single sharp edge anywhere  makes IW look the worst looking out of all call of dutys (Compared what was good graphics at the time) ever IMO. It bothered me in the trailers but the zombies mode made it even more apparent. What I especially dont like is how everything is so damn oversaturated (I know thats what theyre going for here but ech!). Where did all the grimyness the dramatic vibe and even the FUCKING DESATURATION LIGHT TWEAK go? Does the new Infinity Ward cast not know how to use those or is oversaturation all they teach them?   :fuuu: :fuuu: :fuuu:
8 years ago
Good job now that poor guy just deleted his intire boxmap! 5 minutes of his life wasted for some stupid internet joke  :pffft:
8 years ago
There are better ways to run most commands other than force executing a cfg. I do not quite remember wich files you could place them in but there was a thread about this before just search the forum for it ;)
8 years ago
Im not a pc sorry  :poker:

Edit: Cute graphics card btw  :troll:

Double Post Merge: June 10, 2016, 05:12:31 pm
I have one of these cases ,that one looks like a full size case like mine . NXZT cases
(Image removed from quote.)This pic isn't mine ,mines better.
If your pc is soooo much better why do you post a pic of some half assed nzxt case mod that isnt yours?

Edit: This isnt even half assed its plainly stupid xD
8 years ago
Call of duty: "Fuck the community lets do future shit that no one ever wants or asked for because its so modern to have double jumps and shit nowadays" warfare
8 years ago

I know im a bit late but this had to be done
8 years ago
Soo some german youtuber team are making a weekly top 10 series. This weeks was about zombies in general. They praised Bo1´s "Call of the Dead" for being a funny spin off of known zombie movies and all of a sudden they show clips of rollons gun mod on cotd  :gusta:

The Cod part starts at 2m 44s in case you wanna watch for yourself ;)
8 years ago
I dont want to be the guy that says i told you so but... WTF did you expect when you hired mikey?  :poker:
8 years ago
Tell me your favourite Animes :D Now you have
5 seconds XD
Evangelion? :P
8 years ago
for the people who're into this kinda stuff, this tutorial could be really useful.

! No longer available

Thx <3
8 years ago
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