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Awesome fun map! Well done! Classic small style map, WAW feel, pack a punch and essential 4 perks, buyable ending, waw weapons, and original zombies. Also the spawn area is the best area to kill zombies, a lot of maps usu...
9 days ago
Hey Cap. Long time.
After returning to work on my review series that your Map featured in I decided to have a mess around game on your map with a friend.

I wanted to highlight a glitch that neither of us...
11 days ago
Wait isnt this the final level in campaign not hating if it is thats a huge level and adding zombies and stuff to that would be hard so if it is just the final level if you ask me its still impressive AF
14 days ago
I was just wondering when you were gonna upload this :D Very nice work!
44 days ago
honestly, for jumping in blindly, its a good map, its open but also has some tight areas, its easy (but not too easy) to train zombies where pack-a-punch is (and the starting area), and was quite fun to play.

my fa...
52 days ago
When the map is so great people think you are ripping parts from the campaign. :D
 Haha thanks :D
54 days ago


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