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Very noice :gentleman_parrot:
11 days ago
i can edit most of waw zombies maps,such as add some zombies,increase zombies'health and even edit zombies'speed.
it's so easy to do that but maybe that's not respectful for the author.
i play so ...
15 days ago
I tried to do that by editing the root/raw/maps _zombiemode.gsc, but in game it does not change anything. Am I supposed to add the edited version of _zombiemode.gsc to my mod’s folder just like in WAW?
18 days ago
The finished bears_complete() thread triggers when I start the game. Not after I do what I setup. Any help?
This happened to me, and it was because I messed up the targetnames on the bears. Make sure you check all o...
37 days ago
This map is just awsome. first time im commenting about a map in this website and have no clue what to do :cheesy: :cheesy: :cheesy:  But this map is awsome. I hope you make more maps from multiplayer to zombies....
44 days ago


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