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there was a fix before, i do know its copying the codwaw.prj and renaming it to codbo.prj

but there is also uhh linkermod discord

btw dont launch via folder, thats bad
Oh ok I'll make sure t...
21 days ago
Yeah I tried launching it through the tools and the folder and nothing is working
22 days ago
So I did everything and I made it give me a gun instead of a song, but right when I load up my map, it says that I shot the teddy bears and it gives me the gun. Do you know how to fix this?

Never mind, I got it working, I messed up the targetnames. I'll make sure to give you credit whe...
49 days ago
So I've had BO radiant installed for a while now, but never really touched it. I did everything the setup told me to do, but when I launch radiant, it just says "Couldn't load material $default"
59 days ago
Hey very nice map! Didn't get a chance to fully explore but I can tell a this took a lot of time to make. I also really love that powerup which spawns the dogs that help you
64 days ago
So I was wondering how I could add an existing ambient sound to my map. I want to add the air raid sirens that you hear in Der Riese. I followed all of the ambient sound tutorials, but they broke my d3dbsp file, so I made a new map and copied over everything. I don't want this to happen again. ...
100 days ago


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