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Nope. You have to re-create whatever it is you want. 
21 days ago
Finally! I can't wait to play this :D
23 days ago
Thank you very much! But I'm not that great, lol. Most of what I did is making and gathering new model textures, also arranging codes for each AI model and weapons for them. And for map making, we're not interested...
27 days ago
I know you're not making maps, and most likely won't update this but co-op is bugged, playing as host works fine, but the other player can't see the host, and part of the host head is inside the other player..[/q...
32 days ago
I see, thanks so much for sharing! It's all up to you then if you're gonna use them in making the new version or not in the future. Btw, I'll download and play your Reichskanzlei map also :D

34 days ago
Really nice zombie map I must say. But if you wouldn't mind, I just wanna leave links of the website about the Battle of Reichstag here. In case if you interest in making a new version of Downfall map with more historic...
34 days ago


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