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I suggest you start with this tutorial series
 It goes over everything you need for setting up a basic zombie map. From what I can see, it seems like you are missing a lightgrid, reflection probes, pathnodes, lights, etc... 
12 days ago
Verruckt voices and the dlc3 script do not mix well. In my experience, they just cause a lot of freezing in game.

Double Post Merge: September 02, 2019, 03:08:20 pm
btw you posted this in the wrong section
20 days ago
Just like it was a few months ago. Random crash. Cant enjoy.
 Did you download t4m? It's required to play the map
29 days ago
You start with 500,000 points btw
29 days ago
Can you publish your tools for making maps? There are many bugs in the resources I find online.

And how did you put the model of COD13 on the zombie map of COD7?

Double Post Merge: August 24, 2019, 03:16:59 am

Can you publish your tools for making maps? There are many bugs in the resources I find online.
 The tools are public and they work fine, there are just some missing assets though.
29 days ago
This is a bunker I made a few months ago, but I'm never going to use it so I decided to upload it here. It's pretty plain and has no xmodels

31 days ago
Very noice :gentleman_parrot:
47 days ago
i can edit most of waw zombies maps,such as add some zombies,increase zombies'health and even edit zombies'speed.
it's so easy to do that but maybe that's not respectful for the author.
i play so many maps and some of them are real good,but when i end the game and escape easily,i just wanna make it harder and play again.
i actually have edited some maps,such as  backlot zombies and backlot v2.
i dont know whether i could share them or not.
i respect all authors and be very thankful for them.
if the author agees that i could share the edited-maps,i will share them.:crazy2: :crazy2:
 You can only share the edited maps if the original mapper gives you permission
50 days ago
I tried to do that by editing the root/raw/maps _zombiemode.gsc, but in game it does not change anything. Am I supposed to add the edited version of _zombiemode.gsc to my mod’s folder just like in WAW?
 You should never edit anything in raw
53 days ago
The finished bears_complete() thread triggers when I start the game. Not after I do what I setup. Any help?
This happened to me, and it was because I messed up the targetnames on the bears. Make sure you check all of the kvp's carefully
72 days ago
This map is just awsome. first time im commenting about a map in this website and have no clue what to do :cheesy: :cheesy: :cheesy:  But this map is awsome. I hope you make more maps from multiplayer to zombies. keep up the good work
 Thank you, I really appreciate that :D I do have a couple more maps in the works, but it's hard deciding whether to release them because I'm not really a fan of anything that I make.
80 days ago
Looks very nice :+1:
87 days ago
Nope. You have to re-create whatever it is you want. 
111 days ago
Finally! I can't wait to play this :D
113 days ago


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