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Hey, I got it all working and looking right without any lighting issues. Just wanted to thank you for helping/puting up with me. God Bless.
 No problem :+1:
14 days ago
I went in and checked and the texture I am using is not a blend. Theres also these black spots that occur around the same area as well.

(-- Complex content (will be) removed from blockquote --)

14 days ago
Please, I am having the same issue. Elaborate on "
a box surrounding my map that had a sky texture.". how did you do it?
 Use this tutorial for the skybox 
14 days ago
You're probably using a blend texture for the ground
14 days ago
I love this map and your other one too. The historic post war Berlin settings while playing as Soviet soldiers fighting undead Nazis is something I've wanted to see in zombies for a while, especially a Reichstag map an...
66 days ago
Awesome fun map! Well done! Classic small style map, WAW feel, pack a punch and essential 4 perks, buyable ending, waw weapons, and original zombies. Also the spawn area is the best area to kill zombies, a lot of maps usu...
84 days ago


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