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The issue has been fixed! 
I didn't know the barrier spawners needed the whole barrier to make it into the map. In hindsight that makes a lot more sense now. 

Thanks for the help, I won't forget this info.
 Regular zombie spawners dont actually need barriers. Theres info about making the spawners "windowless" here You also need the kvp's script_string zombie_chaser. I've done this method before and it works
103 days ago
why does this require t4m?
211 days ago
 Is there even a slight chance my map might just be broken? cause why would i still get the error even when i reverted it back to a backup i had?

Also i tried your suggestion and it didnt seem to work (unless ive just done something wrong)

But i also tried this
the other day and removed like almost every fx i could and still got the error.
 I havent done zombie mapping in a while now, so I had to call in my friend gympie to help you :)
266 days ago
Thats because there are multiple files you have to look in to remove/ comment out unused fx. Look at Jbird's answer, this should answer your question :)
267 days ago
looks good, will try later
307 days ago
My bo3 radiant doesn't open for me anymore so I can't check, but I'm pretty sure it's under patch - terrain - turn terrain edges
326 days ago
So, i got that problem fixed, and kept mapping. now i have a metric fuckton of lightmap errors. i can only think they are due to the terrain patches i added as a roof to the main schoolhouse, and the hill that extends along the whole side of the map... ive tried setting to natural no luck. do i need to break them into separate patches?
 There is an easy way to fix those errors, this video should cover it
393 days ago
nice :Dcan u add me on discord ? maybe we can write there :D do u maybe know how i can import an animatet model in radiant that works, maybe an hanging cloth thats animated..... like in the map clinic  of evil.. 
 Sorry but I can't help you there. I dont really know much about porting and animating stuff haha
424 days ago
 thanks ! but for what is this pap_door in the script ?
 Its the trigger for the door, which I used for a hintstring and to activate the zone. It may be kinda sloppy as I am not a scripter, but it works lol
424 days ago
 can u tell me how ? or how i can make a door opens when i shoot the teddys... ? 

bears_complete() // Function which displays the text when both of the bears/triggers have been shot, no matter the order.
    door = getEnt("shootable_door", "targetname");  //this will be the door that opens
    pap_door_trigger = getEnt("pap_door", "targetname");
 play_sound_at_pos("door_slide_open", door.origin);
        //door MoveZ (200, 2);
        //door MoveY (100, 5);
        door MoveX (-100, 5);
    self.gate_is_moving = "true";
    door delete();
    pap_door_trigger Delete();
    flag_set( "zone3_to_pap_zone" );

    iPrintLn("You have unlocked a door");

        wait 1;

To open a door, you could use this script. Just fyi, the flag_set is if you want to activate a zone when the door opens. 
425 days ago
 is this the real cbt_johnson1? maker of the bighead bunker map?!
 no i am ded
558 days ago
looks good, will try later
558 days ago


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