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Messages - cpt_johnson1

It's been a few years since I fixed this issue, but the problem is one of the mg42 bipod xmodel parts. stick this file in raw/xmodelparts and it should work fine. Make a backup of your file just in case.
2 months ago
I haven't played it yet, but i love it so far looking from the images. Based on that, i think that the map could've had some more models tbh, since what i see here is all done through bruesh. But anyway, that's not why i replied to this post. Thre reason is: imagine having Gympie as a tester :facepalm:
like what were you even thinking that time?! IDK what that HITACHI fan boy even tested here. From this point, he's my favourite tester too.
lol yes gympie is the best tester
3 months ago
I haven't seen such quality content in a long time.:confused-smiley:  But everything seems too smooth and correct. Lights,geometry, sounds, ambiance, particle fx's, portals (a little bit :P ). You don't work in the studio, do you?:)
Thank you very much :D  This really means a lot to me <3 ​​​​​​​
3 months ago
This looks very nice so far, great work :+1:
3 months ago
I made a video on your map -
nice video, I can see why you thought it was a zombies map haha, but im glad you enjoyed it :D
Heres some advice for people who havent played yet:
For the final battle, I recommend that you use the scoped kar98k to take out all of the guys in front of you, then once they're all dead, move over to the mg and take out the rest of the enemies.
8 months ago

exelent map! 10  points!
thank you :) 

Double Post Merge: November 30, 2021, 04:36:04 pm
Nice work!!
thanks man :smiley: 
8 months ago
Baltic Keep
Fight your way through an old medieval castle!
Please turn up music in game settings for the full experience
Single player only

Please note that this level is short, but still fun

(5/15/22) New version with updated visuals and weapon bobbing (thanks to @c.h.n )

To launch the updated version,  open the console and type map bal1 or devmap bal1
Updated pictures
Spoiler: click to show...

c.h.n - updated vision file, and weapon bobbing/movement
Johndoe - testing and human resources
SexySeaTurtle - massive help with ai and overall support. I couldn't have made this map without him!
Spi - learning from his tutorials
IwMiked - learning from his tutorials
Vertasea - some compiling and probing help
Gympie6 - testing
smasher248 - helping me create this topic

8 months ago
The issue has been fixed!
I didn't know the barrier spawners needed the whole barrier to make it into the map. In hindsight that makes a lot more sense now.

Thanks for the help, I won't forget this info.
Regular zombie spawners dont actually need barriers. Theres info about making the spawners "windowless" here You also need the kvp's script_string zombie_chaser. I've done this method before and it works
1 year ago
why does this require t4m?
1 year ago
Is there even a slight chance my map might just be broken? cause why would i still get the error even when i reverted it back to a backup i had?

Also i tried your suggestion and it didnt seem to work (unless ive just done something wrong)

But i also tried this
the other day and removed like almost every fx i could and still got the error.
I havent done zombie mapping in a while now, so I had to call in my friend gympie to help you :)
2 years ago
Thats because there are multiple files you have to look in to remove/ comment out unused fx. Look at Jbird's answer, this should answer your question :)
2 years ago
looks good, will try later
2 years ago
My bo3 radiant doesn't open for me anymore so I can't check, but I'm pretty sure it's under patch - terrain - turn terrain edges
2 years ago
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