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Messages - cpt_johnson1

Excellent work, enjoyed the level - the end is hardcore until I started spamming nades :) - wish we would see more of these!
Thank you :) Im glad you like it!
12 months ago
Amazing work, I like the sound switch between combat mod this is amazing! Well designed, well optimised map !
Thanks you very much for this map! :+1:
And thank you for helping with the map! <3 :D ​​​​​​​
12 months ago
thank you all <3
12 months ago
Singleplayer/co-op campaign mission
Please note:
   If you have t4m installed, I recommend temporarily removing it before playing this level. This is because t4m doesn't allow you to view the objectives while pressing "tab" in solo.

Credits/special thanks to:
Quizz - providing geometry for the first elevator, and giving lots of scripting help
Izartax - providing textures for the orange and red trees
Zeroy - giving me scripts and map entities to use as reference
SexySeaTurtle - ai scripts
Beta testers:

12 months ago
Are you planning on making any new maps?
yes, I am currently making a zombie map now. Hopefully I will be able to release it sometime soon-ish.
Also when I get a new pc soon, I will try out other things too like bo3 and possibly unreal or unity, but I still have plans for more waw campaign maps
2 years ago
the legend is back :coolsmiley:
2 years ago
Hello :) I joined ugx in 2018 (late, I know lol) because I wanted to start making maps for cod waw. I instantly fell in love with this site because of the helpful and (mostly) friendly community. This site has greatly helped me get better at mapping/modding. I am glad to be apart of this community :coolsmiley:
2 years ago
It's been a few years since I fixed this issue, but the problem is one of the mg42 bipod xmodel parts. stick this file in raw/xmodelparts and it should work fine. Make a backup of your file just in case.
2 years ago
I haven't played it yet, but i love it so far looking from the images. Based on that, i think that the map could've had some more models tbh, since what i see here is all done through bruesh. But anyway, that's not why i replied to this post. Thre reason is: imagine having Gympie as a tester :facepalm:
like what were you even thinking that time?! IDK what that HITACHI fan boy even tested here. From this point, he's my favourite tester too.
lol yes gympie is the best tester
2 years ago
I haven't seen such quality content in a long time.:confused-smiley:  But everything seems too smooth and correct. Lights,geometry, sounds, ambiance, particle fx's, portals (a little bit :P ). You don't work in the studio, do you?:)
Thank you very much :D  This really means a lot to me <3 ​​​​​​​
2 years ago
This looks very nice so far, great work :+1:
2 years ago
I made a video on your map -
nice video, I can see why you thought it was a zombies map haha, but im glad you enjoyed it :D
Heres some advice for people who havent played yet:
For the final battle, I recommend that you use the scoped kar98k to take out all of the guys in front of you, then once they're all dead, move over to the mg and take out the rest of the enemies.
2 years ago

exelent map! 10  points!
thank you :)  

Double Post Merge: November 30, 2021, 04:36:04 pm
Nice work!!
thanks man :smiley:  
2 years ago
Baltic Keep
Fight your way through an old medieval castle!
Please turn up music in game settings for the full experience
Single player only

Please note that this level is short, but still fun

(5/15/22) New version with updated visuals and weapon bobbing (thanks to @c.h.n )

To launch the updated version,  open the console and type map bal1 or devmap bal1
Updated pictures
Spoiler: click to show...

c.h.n - updated vision file, and weapon bobbing/movement
Johndoe - testing and human resources
SexySeaTurtle - massive help with ai and overall support. I couldn't have made this map without him!
Spi - learning from his tutorials
IwMiked - learning from his tutorials
Vertasea - some compiling and probing help
Gympie6 - testing
smasher248 - helping me create this topic

2 years ago
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