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 is this the real cbt_johnson1? maker of the bighead bunker map?!
 no i am ded
123 days ago
looks good, will try later
124 days ago
Awesome gameplay, I'm glad you enjoyed it :)
124 days ago
Hey, I got it all working and looking right without any lighting issues. Just wanted to thank you for helping/puting up with me. God Bless.
 No problem :+1:
157 days ago
I went in and checked and the texture I am using is not a blend. Theres also these black spots that occur around the same area as well.

(-- Complex content (will be) removed from blockquote --)

Double Post Merge: February 08, 2020, 05:14:50 pm

Ok, so I fixed the blue-grey color issue by jacking up the fog settings in the "art" file of my map but the black splotches remain.

(-- Complex content (will be) removed from blockquote --)
 Seems like you need a proper skybox and sun. Also I recommend pressing "i" to select everything in your map, and move it up a bit
157 days ago
Please, I am having the same issue. Elaborate on "
a box surrounding my map that had a sky texture.". how did you do it?
 Use this tutorial for the skybox 

You also need to create a sun, so right click in the 2d grid, hover over sun, and click create. You can then edit the worldspawn settings or use the ones from stock maps here
157 days ago
You're probably using a blend texture for the ground
157 days ago
I love this map and your other one too. The historic post war Berlin settings while playing as Soviet soldiers fighting undead Nazis is something I've wanted to see in zombies for a while, especially a Reichstag map and now that it's here it's incredible! I'm very excited to see what your next map will be :)
 Thank you :) I have decided to come back to zombies and I will most likely release another map soon-ish
209 days ago
Awesome fun map! Well done! Classic small style map, WAW feel, pack a punch and essential 4 perks, buyable ending, waw weapons, and original zombies. Also the spawn area is the best area to kill zombies, a lot of maps usually have corners or camping rooms etc. This is fun! :)
 I'm really glad you enjoyed it :)
227 days ago
Hey Cap. Long time.
After returning to work on my review series that your Map featured in I decided to have a mess around game on your map with a friend.

I wanted to highlight a glitch that neither of us could escape no matter who was host.

Whoever is the 2nd player in game cannot see the host player, but his gun model and head model is stuck floating and following them around making it impossible to see.

if you need a screenshot I'm sure I can help you out just let me know.
 Thanks for letting me know. Unfortunately, I am aware of this glitch and I am unable to fix it because I don't have all the files to re-compile the map
229 days ago
Wait isnt this the final level in campaign not hating if it is thats a huge level and adding zombies and stuff to that would be hard so if it is just the final level if you ask me its still impressive AF
 Thank you O0 But it's not a remake of the full campaign level, it's just a small area that's based off of it
232 days ago
I was just wondering when you were gonna upload this :D Very nice work!
262 days ago
honestly, for jumping in blindly, its a good map, its open but also has some tight areas, its easy (but not too easy) to train zombies where pack-a-punch is (and the starting area), and was quite fun to play.

my failed first attempt at the map

Double Post Merge: October 18, 2019, 05:16:29 pm
LoL even if you ripped it from the campgain, is that like not allowed or something, like i've said before still a good map.

Even if you ripped it who the heck cares!
 Thank you :)
270 days ago


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