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So, i got that problem fixed, and kept mapping. now i have a metric fuckton of lightmap errors. i can only think they are due to the terrain patches i added as a roof to the main schoolhouse, and the hill that extends along the whole side of the map... ive tried setting to natural no luck. do i need to break them into separate patches?
 There is an easy way to fix those errors, this video should cover it
27 days ago
nice :Dcan u add me on discord ? maybe we can write there :D do u maybe know how i can import an animatet model in radiant that works, maybe an hanging cloth thats animated..... like in the map clinic  of evil.. 
 Sorry but I can't help you there. I dont really know much about porting and animating stuff haha
58 days ago
 thanks ! but for what is this pap_door in the script ?
 Its the trigger for the door, which I used for a hintstring and to activate the zone. It may be kinda sloppy as I am not a scripter, but it works lol
58 days ago
 can u tell me how ? or how i can make a door opens when i shoot the teddys... ? 

bears_complete() // Function which displays the text when both of the bears/triggers have been shot, no matter the order.
    door = getEnt("shootable_door", "targetname");  //this will be the door that opens
    pap_door_trigger = getEnt("pap_door", "targetname");
 play_sound_at_pos("door_slide_open", door.origin);
        //door MoveZ (200, 2);
        //door MoveY (100, 5);
        door MoveX (-100, 5);
    self.gate_is_moving = "true";
    door delete();
    pap_door_trigger Delete();
    flag_set( "zone3_to_pap_zone" );

    iPrintLn("You have unlocked a door");

        wait 1;

To open a door, you could use this script. Just fyi, the flag_set is if you want to activate a zone when the door opens. 
59 days ago
 is this the real cbt_johnson1? maker of the bighead bunker map?!
 no i am ded
192 days ago
looks good, will try later
192 days ago
Awesome gameplay, I'm glad you enjoyed it :)
192 days ago
Hey, I got it all working and looking right without any lighting issues. Just wanted to thank you for helping/puting up with me. God Bless.
 No problem :+1:
226 days ago
I went in and checked and the texture I am using is not a blend. Theres also these black spots that occur around the same area as well.

(-- Complex content (will be) removed from blockquote --)

Double Post Merge: February 08, 2020, 05:14:50 pm

Ok, so I fixed the blue-grey color issue by jacking up the fog settings in the "art" file of my map but the black splotches remain.

(-- Complex content (will be) removed from blockquote --)
 Seems like you need a proper skybox and sun. Also I recommend pressing "i" to select everything in your map, and move it up a bit
226 days ago
Please, I am having the same issue. Elaborate on "
a box surrounding my map that had a sky texture.". how did you do it?
 Use this tutorial for the skybox 

You also need to create a sun, so right click in the 2d grid, hover over sun, and click create. You can then edit the worldspawn settings or use the ones from stock maps here
226 days ago
You're probably using a blend texture for the ground
226 days ago
I love this map and your other one too. The historic post war Berlin settings while playing as Soviet soldiers fighting undead Nazis is something I've wanted to see in zombies for a while, especially a Reichstag map and now that it's here it's incredible! I'm very excited to see what your next map will be :)
 Thank you :) I have decided to come back to zombies and I will most likely release another map soon-ish
277 days ago
Awesome fun map! Well done! Classic small style map, WAW feel, pack a punch and essential 4 perks, buyable ending, waw weapons, and original zombies. Also the spawn area is the best area to kill zombies, a lot of maps usually have corners or camping rooms etc. This is fun! :)
 I'm really glad you enjoyed it :)
296 days ago


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