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Nope. You have to re-create whatever it is you want. 
23 days ago
Finally! I can't wait to play this :D
26 days ago
Thank you very much! But I'm not that great, lol. Most of what I did is making and gathering new model textures, also arranging codes for each AI model and weapons for them. And for map making, we're not interested in it yet. Due to our huge load of busy stuff and we want to focus on modding for now :(
Our next project is to create a new mod.ff file that could be used for every mod we have. If we succeed, then we might could combine the Pacific Theater mod with each one of Russian campaign mod we have.

 Ah ok, I still think those mods are pretty cool 

Anyway, I wish you luck with your modding :D
29 days ago
I know you're not making maps, and most likely won't update this but co-op is bugged, playing as host works fine, but the other player can't see the host, and part of the host head is inside the other player..
Yeah I just found out about that recently. I figured out how to fix it, but I think it's kind of too late now because my map has been out for a while.

Double Post Merge: May 23, 2019, 06:45:36 pm
I understand, it's all up to you then. But I guess you can use the info from those links for your new multiplayer maps also in any occasion. Anyway, I'd like to share you what I've done with my friends also, in case if you're interested :)
 Hey I just checked those out, amazing work! :D Have you ever considered map making? You seem to be a great modder, and I think you could be a great map-maker too.
34 days ago
I see, thanks so much for sharing! It's all up to you then if you're gonna use them in making the new version or not in the future. Btw, I'll download and play your Reichskanzlei map also :D

 Thanks for linking me the articles. Although I wish I would've had them before I released the map :D
Unfortunately I won't make a new version because I stopped making maps for zombiemode, I moved on to multiplayer 
36 days ago
Really nice zombie map I must say. But if you wouldn't mind, I just wanna leave links of the website about the Battle of Reichstag here. In case if you interest in making a new version of Downfall map with more historical accurate contents (or semi-realistic).
But you gonna need a google translation for these two though, they're written in Russian.
Also as my suggestions, on the right side of the map should be a huge park (Tiergarten). And the Brandenburg Gate should be visible in the background (South-East of the Reichstag).
 Thanks for playing. When I was making the map, I did some research on the surrounding area but couldn't quite come up with a good design. I first wanted to make it look like the multiplayer version with destroyed buildings surrounding the area, but as I was making it I didn't really like the look of it. I sort of based the design off of the Red Orchestra game Then I got inspiration from the multiplayer and campaign maps by adding the statue memorial and some surrounding bunkers.
 This picture shows some of the bunkers. I probably have around 5 different incomplete versions of this map saved on my computer with all diferent background layouts. I also started adding the opera house in front of the Reichstag, but I stopped half way through.
36 days ago
I compiled it before when I first compiled the map, but I can recompile it to see if that does anything.

Edit: Yep, that fixed it, thanks so much!
 Awesome! I'm glad to help
40 days ago
Compile your mapname patch. This worked for me and another person who had this issue
41 days ago
Thank you for the map, I enjoyed playing. I did a quick video of my training spot.

(-- Complex content (will be) removed from blockquote --)
Great video, I gave dropped a like ;)  
58 days ago
I captured this from bo1 radiant but yeah, that's the default image and if you take a close look the name is same as you mentioned ---> the defaut image of cod waw is exact same
Ah ok, so it should be a pretty easy fix.  
60 days ago
I don't know a lot about bo1 but as far as I know materials are images. And if you remember default material replaces any material if the one you used is missing. For example you can use a custom texture and you include it on images folder. But let say you want to test it what happens if you delete that image. When you go in game it will load the default image to replace the one that you used. Now I do not know all things so maybe I'm wrong but what can I suggest is that you can create your own default image if you're missing it. I learned this from a comment on YouTube. I do not know how to add a co-op image for a loading screen let say, so they will use the default image(that grey 1 that sucks). But i just created my default one and it replaced all of them even when I pause the game it has the image. I repeat: I don't know this for sure, and yeah I know it's a bit late to reply but I did because someone might want to know this!! :P
Thanks for the reply, but I posted this a while back when I didn't know much about radiant or modding. I still haven't even bothered with bo1 radiant yet though. I might try it one day. :)  

Also, if I ever get around to it, I'm sure I could just take the default texture from waw and use it for bo1
60 days ago
Very interesting map, thank you!
Thanks for playing 
62 days ago
So I have decided for my New Series to give a short Review int your map.
It's kinda me trying it out ect so it's lack luster.
But I hope you enjoy

 Custom Mod and Map Reviews #1 - Downfall
Hey man, awesome video. I'm glad you enjoyed my map. I dropped a like :)  
69 days ago
Looks amazing :+1:
73 days ago
Thanks for this map bro , i had a great time playing it :)
Awesome, I'm glad you enjoyed it 
74 days ago


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