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This is going to sound stupid but will we able to go into the Eifel tower? If so will it be apart of an EE if there is one? (sorry about this but I'm trying to keep in the excitement of this map by asking questions XD )
1197 days ago
Hey guys! Just thought I'd post a few new pictures while I get the maps trailer and artwork done.

omg, you really out done your self! I'm looking forward to this very much!
1198 days ago
Big Update!

So I've been working my butt off fixing pages of bugs. I think I finally have all of them fixed (fingers crossed). Now I've been adding the little things that make the map feel polished such as ambient sounds, proper sounds for certain things like magic box etc. I just wanted to let you guys know this great news. I know its taking forever but I think it will be worth it. I just want it to be the best it can be. I'd hate to release the map then get a bunch of messages complaining of crashing or g_spawn. That's a good way to kill a good map, you play for 2 hours then all of a sudden towards the end of the easter egg you crash. I don't want that for anyone so I'm making extra sure this doesn't happen. So far so good.  ;)

Thanks for the patience,


Dude, we have all tried to not go crazy over this map. But me personally have already gone insane... please send help*


1. make it easier or possible for (someone) to do something by offering them one's services or resources.

2. A link to a UGX zombie map
1219 days ago
K so I very aware that you are fixing some bugs and improving some stuff on this map but if its alright I suggest some stuff pls?

1. the zombie guys are way to op, its really hard to survive while they are continuously spawning in. make them at least a one hit or make them similar to the ones in origins.

2. make the time for the capture points shorter because 30 seconds is just ridiculous.

3. I'm not sure if there is any more but I dropped into an area with the double tap upgrade starts and there is no way out of there unless there is a door (if so, pls make the door more visible)

4. the capture point near spawn (right from spawn) there is too tall/much grass, this results in me dropping down the hole in the area + unable to find the zombie soldiers

5. I think you should cheapen the doors in some areas like the first 2 in spawn for being a 1000 already and the drop down area near the capture point being 1250.

6. maybe a bit of design outside the map? Looks really bland and you can see the end.

that's about it. I'm sorry to report so much stuff (really!) This map looks amazing for a first try. It seems to have so much to do but with all these problems its really annoying to play.
1221 days ago
Duh   :rainbow:

yeah I don't know whats going on there... :/
1236 days ago
Hey guys! I've been working 24/7 on this map. I've tested it sooo many times with the help of some friends. All is going well so far. Just wanted to keep you guys up to date. Sorry for taking so long but I have to make sure it runs flawless for a fun experience.  :)

No worries bro, we all appreciate what your making for the community! Its better if you can try and make this map the best as possible am I right? Seriously though no rush we are super exited for this map to come out.
1237 days ago
Thanks! To be honest the map itself was kind of an experiment for me, so that I could try to grasp the fundamentals of mapping as well as scripting(hence the lack of detail in some areas.) As a whole I think you can expect my next release(which is in the planning stage as of now) to be far more detailed and have much more content to explore. As far as the hat script itself goes, I have to give all of the credit to death_reaper0, as it originally belonged to him, and I borrowed it to test an idea I had for my next map.

Fantastic! I will be happy to play your next map when you finish it, good luck with it :)
1239 days ago
hey! I just played you map and I'm writing this soon after playing your map and hopefully I can be able to sum up on what this map is like and what type of improvements you can make in the future.

first things first, you don't deserve hate for this map.

yes this map is small and you can find a good camping spot within the first 10 mins into the map (not sure if you were intending this) but I did like the small office area and the pap room did seem kind of cool, I also seemed to like the abandoned base which reminded me of nacht der untoten.

Even though the easter egg was small too but I did like the idea of getting to pap and the parts to it are not too hard but I loved the hat secret you put in there :)

Improvements needed in future:
- I'm personally not a big fan of the ugx guns and the varity of perks that have been added, maybe in the furture you can try something more advanced and try to add in more guns and more perks if possible :)
- I would say this map would be more of a 'time passer' if you now what I mean due too how much stuff to do and how small the map is. I would go on it for a while If I were to have like 15 minutes to myself.
- Maybe try to add a bit more detail in the rooms like broken bottles or garbage or just anything to make the room stand out more since the rooms in this map seem a little empty.

Overall? Well I give this map a 2/5 because I like the objectives to this map and the outcome of it but maybe try to add more to it with guns, perks and room detail (and maybe try to decorate the building and outside too?) anyway this was a great attempt to a first map. People I have seen either do stupid box maps or unnecessary remakes, I'm glad you made your map an original one!  :D
1241 days ago
The map kinda has a story that plays out in the map. I'll still probably setup the map in the description. Most players don't listen to sound quotes and stuff for the story so I decided to focus on game play and fun instead and leave the story to their imagination (but there is still a story there just to be clear). As for the Easter Egg steps, they are crazy random. I took ideas from Treyarch maps and revamped them so you might notice some similarities on some of the steps but they are all custom. So you won't have to know anything about MOTD going into the map but it might help to know the basics of what to do on it.

Great! thank you very much, I'm looking forward to the release of this map!  :rainbow:  Hoping it will be released soon enough  :poker:
1244 days ago
yeah I know that this map is like a year old but I recently got a computer to finally run it but I wanted to ask about the storm PSR. I'm unable to get it from the box, I have played countless games spinning the box as much as possible to get it but I haven't got it once... just to point out I have always made sure I don't have any wonder weps while spinning the box (its only the psr I cant get)
1245 days ago
This map looks fantastic! I'm so exited for it to come out :D

I have 2 questions though If you don't mind answering.

1. Will there be a story? If so, will It be shown throughout the Easter egg? (or in the map itself) or will it be shown in the description of the page?

2. If I were to do the Easter egg on this map, is it recommended for me to know the original motd EE steps so I have a general idea of what I'm doing or will it have a brand new steps but with motd aspects? (I know you said the steps will have a twist but I just want to know specifically) 
1245 days ago
Great map so far! I have found some stuff during my first time playing such as a key and I have found 2 switches. I'm still trying to figure out what they do :P.
1253 days ago
Your sir shouldn't just give yourself a pat on the back, you should give yourself a 2 week holiday to a tropical island where you will be treated like a king! This map is so fun and I have only been playing this for an hour! you were able to give der riese a whole new coat of paint (plus adding your own areas) and was able to make it seem like it could be its own map. I love the new sound effects like the guns, weather and even the fire sale music XD lets not forget about the atmosphere with all the mountains in the distance and the out of bounds areas which give the illusion that make the map even bigger! I sort of get this der riese combined with summit from the bo1 multiplayer map. I'm sorry if this was a long comment but I haven't enjoyed a map like this in forvever, I hope more comes your way in the future :)
1282 days ago


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