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Woah wait, I thought this was canceled ages ago!! Im so pleased to see that its finally released ^^ And does it sure deliver!

Seriously. The effort that was put into this is incredible, there is so much to say so I'll put these into bullet points

- Every area feels unique and seperated enough to give the illusion that you are truely teleporting to place to place. Heck they're big enough to be singular survival maps
- Whilst I think some weapons need a buff (espessially pap weapons) I think the variety is great
- One of my favourite details is that the sky boxes have another layer under them so clouds and sunsets are placed B)
- Plenty of rewarding secrets
- Once you get a general idea on what you're doing, its super simple (yet challenging) to know what your objective is

This map truely makes you feel like you're adventuring into different places, and whilst I did lazily bullet point them, the experiance is incredible. If I were to report one thing is that quick revive has an annoying bug where it would sometimes become unaccesable to buy (I think it happens when you attempt to buy it when you done have enough money/already have the perk) Hopefully this gets fixed but for now its avoidable.

I dont care what anyone says, this is certainly a 10/10 map. Thank you for completing this, I had a lot of fun playing this
23 days ago
whenever I start the map my game crashes before it even loads the map menu, anybody knows why this is happening to me?

Got t4m?
587 days ago
Great map. Just that one boss (red one) it flips you out of the map sometimes. thats so annoying

Yeah that's meant to happen, just train him with the zombies (Of course keeping a distance) and you should be fine
590 days ago
Didn't you hear? Perish was cancelled because Hitman, the man himself, tripped on the mapfile and broke it :(

That Muppet should've looked where he was going...
592 days ago
I don't know what to do, the main menu works fine but right when I load up any map it crashes and shows in a consale this error message please get back[quote]

Did you by any chance downloaded t4M?
601 days ago
Do gotta say, I was very impressed of this map. Its not everyday there is a custom map with custom quotes (we all gotta have a break from the OH RAH quote, do we?) I enjoyed the difficulty and the choice of weaponry, nice details such as when your teleporting back from pap you get your own little pod lol. I'm glad that a whole Easter egg is being added, its probably one of the final things which will greatly improve this map. Only complaint I would have to give out is that some parts of the map look a little bland, such as the buyable ending area is just a big room with smaller rooms inside and the area when you go up the stairs seems too big and there is nothing to fill it up with. Rest of the rooms like the underground area with pap and outside are well done to say the least. Overall, everything else in the map makes up for it just being on how unique it is, I had tons of fun playing this and hoping to play a lot more when more is added :)
613 days ago
Am I correct, but did you say you were going to add the 'fists' as a secondary starting weapon?
618 days ago
quick question, did you do something to Sarah Michelle Gellar as a playable character? Its no problem but I wanted to know what her little action was before playing the actual game (btw I love that idea) But it doesn't matter how many times I restarted the game it makes it seems its impossible to get her.
660 days ago
Anyone else have an issue where the little purple skulls disapear and you can only see them at random times? really annoying cause i just got the map and trying to find the easter egg out by myself without tutorial. If i missed somewhere where it's a known issue lemme know. Thanks

No there isn't an issue, that's exactly what they are meant to do.
663 days ago
sounds great! Cant wait to see it. Yeah, maybe that for the beginning for a map would've been a little complicated, I much prefer it where the characters all start at the docks because of the boat JFK was in just sank. Maybe a playable character easter egg where you can change into another person midgame (kinda like IW) But hey, the maps out now so I guess I gotta enjoy what I have :) (which is incredible as it is right now)
664 days ago
Simple enough, I always thought you were going to add in the COTD crew because I remember seeing some sort of question from you on how to implement the characters models of them lol
666 days ago
Oooooh, behind the scene the stuff here I love these :) Can you explain the reason why you chosen the 4 characters we have in the map now? And you were you going to add in before?
667 days ago
Whenever I load the mod and hit Solo, it switches to the loading screen but in a few seconds, the whole game crashes. What should I do?

Do you thou have the one people call 'T4M?'
668 days ago
Any news on this?

I would probably forget about this, it looks like a cool map but it seems like its dead...
670 days ago
Have you installed t4m?

avez-vous incarné t4m?
670 days ago


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